Eye-candies Galore in SETTV’s 2014 Drama Awards Ceremony

Everyone knows that SETTV’s dramas are not of the best quality (as most of them tend to go haywire in the second half) but you can always count on them to deliver good looking leads and squee-worthy OTPs with a lot of hype through superb marketing tactics. Truthfully, there’s not much credibility to their drama awards ceremony as compared to Golden Bell Awards, it’s more like popularity award to self-celebrate and to reward the efforts of their actors and actresses, but they’re still worth watching just for the eye-candies galore, all the glitters and sparkles *_*. Yummy! *andigettostalkmybabyjasperagain*

The full list of the award winners:

Best Kiss Scene Award:
Puff Kuo & Jasper Liu (Pleasantly Surprised)

Best Male Senior Award:
Chen Bo-Zheng (Fall in Love With Me)

Best Female Senior Award:
Hu Pei-Lian (Pleasantly Surprised)

Weibo Popularity Award:
Aaron Yan (Fall in Love With Me)

Best Crying Scene Award:
Hans Chang & Jennifer Hong (Fabulous 30)

Best On-screen Couple Award:
Lego Lee & Lorene Ren (In a Good Way)

Best C-wave Award: (TN: C-Pop Wave)
Puff Kuo (Pleasantly Surprised)

Best Actress Award:
Yao Yao (Aim High)

Best Actor Award:
Aaron Yan (Fall in Love With Me)

Viewers’ Pick Drama Award:
Fall in Love With Me


Winners/Group/Couple Pictures:

The beautiful ladies of SETTV.

female-cast-2 female-cast-4 female-cast-3


The boys of SETTV, it’s getting hot in here!

Aaron Yan is undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night, his huge fanbase is no joke! Congratulations to him!

aaronyan-4 aaronyan-3

Congratulations to Yao Yao who won the Best Actress Award!

The winners of Best Actress and Best Actor Awards posing together.
aaron-yaoyao-3 aaron-yaoyao-2
aaron-amber-1 aarontia-5

Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo’s natural friendly chemistry is just so squee-worthy. Puff teases Jasper that he’s still so stiff in handling skinship, HA!
jasperpuff-2 jasperpuff-1

jasperpuff-4 jasperpuff-5 jasperpuff-6

jasperpuff-9 jasperpuff-10

Caption: Puff caught in a love triangle between her ex- “on-screen boyfriends”.

It definitely shows that Aaron Yan is comfortable with skinship, as compared to the stiff Jasper Liu, haha!

aarontia-4 aarontia-6 aaron-tia-7
20141214002433 aarontia-3

No award ceremony is complete without bromance.

Reunion of the popular In A Good Way (我的自由年代) couple! I certainly missed them!

Caption: Lego Lee with his ex and current “on-screen girlfriends”. 


Individual Red Carpet Pictures:

I feel like it’s been so long since I last saw Lorene Ren (In A Good Way), I love her dress but she could have pick a better bracelet but nonetheless she looks elegant and sweet. Not particularly a big fan of Lego Lee‘s (In A Good Way) floral suit but at least the color looks good on him and he looks fine.
loreneren-1 loreneren-2 legolee-1

Chris Wang (Aim High) comes in a safe classic black&white tuxedo and classics last long for a reason, they work well. James Wen’s (King Flower) suit is a little bit more creative than Chris Wang but I don’t think it’s a perfect fit for him but still, I’m just happy to see him (Xue-Zhang of Defeated Queen) in Taiwanese TV after such a long hiatus. It really seems like Jasper Liu‘s (Pleasantly Surprised) stylist have a liking for dull grey colors and I think I saw him in similar-looking kind of suit a few times but his body proportion is so good that he looks great in it (despite the old color). I guess I prefer guys who are taller and leaner like him.
chriswang-1 jamewen-1 jasperliu-1

Amber Kuo (Tiny Times) specially returns to Taiwan to present the “Weibo Popularity Award” to the winner, Aaron Yan (Fall in Love With Me). She actually started her acting career in SETTV (and also get to meet her real life boyfriend Tony Yang through SETTV’s drama) so I guess it’s like a sign of  gratitude for her to be the special guest in the award ceremony. Her dress looks fabulous but I kinda miss her bangs (her cute look). Aaron Yan is looking smart in that light grey suit, I like the black stripe details on his collar.
aaronyan-1 amberkuo-1 amberkuo-2

The pairing of upcoming SETTV daily drama, Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金), Xiu Jie-Kai and Jennifer Hong poses together but they definitely look like they’re not close with each other. It’s understandable since the drama only started filming about 2 weeks ago, I don’t think they have enough interactions to create sizzling chemistry. Chemistry aside, WHAT is Jennifer Hong wearing, that fusion-cheongsam with all the grey-white circles makes my head dizzy, definitely earns my vote for the worst dresser of the night. I adore Jennifer Hong ever since Fabulous 30 (女人情定水舞間) but her stylist really needs to be fired! Xiu Jie-Kai looks great on his upper-half but that pants really need to go.
jenniferhong-1 xiujiekai-1 xiujiekai-jenniferhong

Phoebe Yuan (Love Cheque Charge) and Mandy Wei (Say Again Yes I do) both came in navy blue dresses but each have a different feel. Phoebe Yuan’s cocktail dress looks pretty good on her but I really wish that her skirt doesn’t have that cut in the middle, it’s short enough. Mandy Wei’s silky navy blue dress makes her look elegant. On the other hand, all that silver glitters on Tia Lee‘s (Fall in Love With Me) dress reminds of the 90’s fashion but I think the dress is a perfect fit as it emphasizes her curvy body.
 mandywei-2 tialee-2

All the ladies in white. I think Puff Kuo (Pleasantly Surprised) looks elegant in her white long dress, it kind of elongates her body and makes her look taller. I’m really digging Summer Meng‘s (Aim High) hairdo, it have a little airy feel to it, definitely unconventional hairstyle for a formal party as most of the ladies tend to either straighten, curl or use a lot of wax on their hair. Yao Yao (Aim High) really likes to wear cocktail dresses and she always fits well with sexy cocktail dresses. I think it’s a wise choice as a long dress might be a hit or miss as it might weigh her down and make her look shorter instead.
puffkuo-2 summermeng-1 yaoyao-2


BTS Pictures:
It’s always behind the scenes pictures that are the cutest!

Look at my puppy Jasper hugging his James Ge-Ge (hyung/brother).

Jasper Liu apparently met Aaron Yan for the very first time and it’s cute how he’s a bit star-strucked during the press media interview, he was looking at Aaron Yan like looking like a superstar, HA! He also says that because the first time they meet, they had to pose together for pictures immediately, he was kinda nervous. I hope to see them collaborate together one day, that’ll be full of cuteness

Hu Pei-Lian who played as Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo’s mom in Pleasantly Surprised took friendly snapshots with her juniors. It was funny when she teased Xiu Jie-Kai about his real life girlfriend, Alyssa Chia when he presented her the “Best Female Senior Award”, he was so flustered, haha!

and of course.. it’s OTP’s time to shine behind the screens.
Caption 1-2: Jasper trying to be manly. Caption 3: He just can’t do the manly pose so he’s back to his dorky self. (I seriously just go awwww everytime I see him.)
bts2 bts3 bts1

I find this couple the most compatible in terms of aura and their chemistry in In A Good Way was simply too hot. They really look good together. Hope to see Lego Lee and Lorene Ren collaborating again someday as a couple but maybe not so fast, a few more years, maybe?
bts5-1 bts4 bts5

Dream Girls’ members, Puff and Tia hanging out with each other and Lin Yo-Wei (I couldn’t find his red carpet pictures!) poses with his on-screen partner, Mandy Wei, they look good together even though I’m not watching their Makjang-esque Sunday drama, Say Again Yes I Do (再說一次我願意).
bts-10 pufftia bts-11


Press Media Videos:

Jasper’s reaction is funny when Aaron jokes that he is his biggest competition for the night. Aaron is really good with media interviews, he’s so experienced and skilled.

Official Full Video of the Ceremony:

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