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As The New World (新世界)’s premiere is away in less than a month, I decided to share the previous work of the director & screenwriter of The New World, a short 8 episode series, Man.Boy which was personally one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas and I’m sadden by how underrated it is. It’s a highly recommended series because of the interesting theme talking about the story of framed criminals, one as a murderer and the other as a thief. This is definitely not your fluffy story as the theme is very dark, there was even a manhunt event for money in this drama. Unfortunately, I don’t think English subs is available for this series (update me if I’m wrong). PTS channel makes great dramas! Rewatching this drama makes me feel so hyped up about The New World, I’m hoping that it will be at least half as good as Man.Boy. Lee Kang-Yi, Lee Wei and Tender Huang were phenomenal in this drama.


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小孩大人 (Man.Boy)


Title: 小孩大人 / Xiao Hai Da Ren
English title: Man.Boy
Genre: Human drama
Broadcast network: PTS
Broadcast period: 2012-May-12 to 2012-Jun-02
Air time: Saturday 21:00-23:00
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Childrenadults?sk=wall
Official Site: http://www.pts.org.tw/man_boy/

Sypnosis: Lin Zhen-Sheng (Lee Wei) and Xiao Meng-Feng (Lee Kang-Yi) were both framed for a crime they didn’t commit, one being a murderer and the other a thief. They crossed paths when Meng Feng was supposedly one of the hunters for the final reward. However, Meng-Feng’s intention wasn’t the money. She wanted justice. Lin Zhen-Sheng was said to have killed his wife, so he escaped to the wilderness with his son (who was just a baby at the time). A chase ensued with cops and other hunters involved, which ended tragically – with Zhen Sheng committing suicide by jumping into the sea. Five years later, both father and son resurfaced again and another chase began. However, Meng Feng was the one trying to protect the little boy from harm. (Translation credits: Reflections) – Read more on the character descriptions in her post.

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Fabulous Long Trailer of Man.Boy

Opening Sequence of Man.Boy 
Theme Song: Needles 針 by Genie Chuo 卓文萱

Sample Screencaps for 720p:

manboy-1 manboy-2 manboy-3 manboy-4 manboy5 manboy6 manboy7 manboy8 manboy9 manboy10

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