News Bites: December 22nd, 2014

The voters have voiced out their opinion and the result is 50-50 between Bimonthly and weekly schedule, that means that a handful of people still supports the weekly format. So I’ve come to a conclusion, I’ll keep the weekly schedule for the time being unless there’s not enough news to post in one week.

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  • Jasper Liu and Bryant Chang are spooked out on the set of My Ghost Friend (Unofficial English Title)(我的鬼基友). It’s been a few weeks since they begun filming the series. Jasper Liu had purposely dyed his hair brown for his role. In one of the unofficial stills, he can be seen running along with Andrea Chen. Maybe because the series have a ghostly theme, spooky incidents have been happening in the filming set, such as sudden break of light bulbs and camera stand collapsing all of a sudden. Director say that this may be a good sign for the drama to be successful (it’s a common belief that when spooky things happen in a set, the drama will be successful).

    It’s said that the series will be a heartwarming romantic comedy. Bryant Chang will be playing as a socially awkward nerd and only him can see Jasper Liu, who plays as a ghost and also the ex-boyfriend of the former campus beauty, Andrea Chen. Together, the human and the ghost form a unique bond. The series is slated to premiere somewhere in February next year in Chinese streaming sites, Youku and Tudou. No words have been said on which Taiwanese TV channel will broadcast the series but the staffs will make an official announcement once the series is ready to be broadcasted. [Yam News]
  • Taiwanese popular indie singer-songwriter, Crowd Lu went to Hiroshima, Japan to film the MV for his upcoming new single, Natural is the best (天然的最好). The new single will be released on 24th December. Ever since his discharge from the army, he’ve been invited to about 50 music festivals all across the world, proving his undying popularity.[WOWnews]
  • SETTV’s latest daily drama, Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) held a screening event with the full cast – Jennifer Hong, Xiu Jie-Kai, Joanne Tseng, Melvin Sia, Albee Huang, Duncan Lai, Beatrice Fang and Jack Lee in attendance last week. The pilot episode also scored a decent 1.43 for the public rating and 1.75 for its cable rating, ranking as the first among the idol dramas that are airing on the same day. The rating also seems to be on a continuous rise as the third episode scored 1.99 for its cable rating. It’s definitely a sign of success as the rating of the first 3 episodes are higher than the average rating of its predecessor series, Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換劵). Currently, the love line between Melvin Sia and Joanne Tseng are earning the love from the audience (I’m obsessed about this couple too). [WOWnews]


  • After 7 years of long wait, Pets Tseng finally have the chance to release her debut album, I’m Pets (我是曾沛慈). Jiro Wang, her co-star for K.O.3an Guo (終極三國) series have came to support her by starring in the MV of her title track, Just Lose It (不過失去了一點點). They joked that they didn’t have much skinship in their drama series but this time round, they have the chance to film a kiss scene even though it’s not a passionate one, ha! Watch the full MV here.  [WOWnews] [Now News]
  • A little bit of gossip news, it’s been revealed that actor, Wasir Chou (Fabulous 30) is currently in a stable relationship with his non-celebrity girlfriend. To address the queries of the media, he said that there’s no plans of wedding for now. Congratulations to him! I really like him as the cool-headed manager in Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間). [Now News]
  • Aaron Yan earned the spotlight for his eloquent interview speech during SETTV 2014 drama awards ceremony. Taiwanese netizens have been saying that he should try to take on hosting projects as his reactions are fast and he speaks well, knowing when to cut in to create a good atmosphere. SETTV 2014 drama awards earned 1.0 rating and is the highest rating for that night. The peak rating was during Lego Lee‘s “In A Good Way” opening performance, recording 1.82 rating for that moment. [WOWnews]
  • Ariel Lin and Darren participated in the MV of Jay Chou‘s title track, What Kind of Man? (算什麼男人) from his 13th studio album, Not bad (哎呦,不錯哦). In the MV, Ariel Lin plays as Jay Chou’s ex-lover and Darren is her current lover. They specially went to Verona, Italy for the MV filming. Watch the MV here. [WOWnews]


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  • Gust • 3 years ago

    Thank you for this update.

    I didn’t know Pets Tseng waited 7 long years to finally debut. What took her so long? I thought she all ready have many albums out all ready. Will I’m happy for her and also happy that Jiro is in the mv and glad to see him come out to supporter her.

    I really hope these two can be in another drama since their first drama suck big time at the end of K.O.3an and the second part was unsatisfactory still.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I’m not sure what took her so long but there are other actors/actresses that face similar problems like her. I guess their agency thinks they’re not ready to release an album unless they earned a certain amount of popularity.

      I don’t watch KO One series because the fantasy element look pretty silly and the first installment with Farenheit didn’t really engage me, HA! So I’m not familiar with Pets Tseng but I do like Jiro Wang and her song sounds pretty nice.

  • Gust • 3 years ago

    Thanks for the info. That is just sad that some agencys are like that and need their stars to be more popularity to be able to release album.

    Haha I watch the first series of KO One with Farenheit since I like Jiro back than but never really follow the other installment of this on going series. I never knew they have so many installment of this series. Only in the last year I stared to watch the two latest KO One series (stared Pets in it) again only because I watch Jiro other drama “Fabulous Boys” It got me liking Jiro again. ^_^

    So truth that the fantasy element is silly. I thought that by now they would have improve on the fantasy element scene but gusset not.

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