Biker-Themed Drama, Heart of Steel (鋼鐵之心) Unveils First Promos

Starring Alan Ko, Phoebe Yuan, Darren and Andrea Chen, bike racing drama, Heart of Steel (鋼鐵之心) unveils their first set of teasers and stills. My initial reaction was that the cinematography looks great but the storyline doesn’t interest me that much. I’ve nothing against biker-themed dramas as old-school drama, Mars (戰神) have proven that the theme could work really well with the bikers putting their lives at stake for their race. They’re challenging themselves and have to face the risk of losing their own lives during the race. However, Heart of Steel seems to overdo the angst with Alan Ko and Darren who were once good friends became rivals for their love, Phoebe Yuan and Andrea Chen. I hope they don’t dwell too much on that part. They should focus more on the bike racing elements and the struggles that Alan Ko will face as a biker. Another thing that kind of bugs me is how their biker fashion feels a bit old-school and cheesy, instead of modern.

I like Alan Ko in Kiss Me, Mom! (媽親一下) and Darren in Fabulous 30 (女人30) but I heard he was even better as the third wheel in A Good Wife (親愛的,我愛上別人了) so I actually have more confidence in the guys’ acting than the girls. It’s been a pretty busy year for Phoebe Yuan, having just completed her daily drama, Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換劵) recently and next year, she’ll have to promote Heart of Steel, which she have already completed filming earlier this year. She was alright in Love Cheque Charge, she got more into her character as that show goes along but I definitely think her acting still need some polishing to do. I didn’t watch Andrea Chen’s previous drama, Prince William (威廉王子) so I don’t know whether there’s any improvement on her acting after In Time With You (我可能不會愛你), she was so bad at delivering her lines in ITWY but I hope she’ll be better in this drama (which seems to be better judging from the trailer). It’s also reported that Yao Yao (Aim High) and Chris Wu (X Lies, Rock ‘n’ Road) will be making a cameo in the drama.

The official poster is just so not creative but I guess I can’t expect other TV channels to deliver good promo posters. I feel that SETTV are better in the visual communication department than other channels. In the trailer, it starts with Alan Ko answering the question, “What’s the spirit of bike racing?”, he says that the spirit is to pursue freedom. Then, he starts working as a bike technician to earn money, hiding the fact from everyone that he used to be a bike racer as he committed a grave mistake to his family in the past because of his racing hobby (hurting his sister in the process). There’s also some rivalries going on between Alan Ko and Darren who used to be buddies as Darren’s girlfriend, Andrea Chen seems to be in love with Alan Ko. However, in the later part of the trailer, it seems that both guys fall in love with Phoebe Yuan instead.

Heart of Steel will take over X Lies (謊言遊戲) for the Sunday timeslot and premiere on 4th January.

Official Trailer and Teasers:

Official Stills and Posters:


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  • Celine • 3 years ago

    Chris Wu seems to like to do a lot of cameo appearances in other people’s dramas, not that I’m complaining but it’s something I noticed recently. Based on your love line description, Alan’s character does not seem to be one I will root for. I mean, you took away Darren’s girlfriend and now you want to take away his 2nd potential girlfriend/love interest in Phoebe Yuan? Come on Alan, share some love and let Darren get at least one girl.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Well, he didn’t took away Darren’s girlfriend but it’s more like Darren’s girlfriend likes Alan Ko one-sidedly but I agree about leaving one girl for Darren.

      But meh, whatever, I’m not so interested in the story after watching the trailer. Probably will try to check out one episode and see how is it first though.

  • tiffany • 3 years ago

    omg it’s hannah quinlivan! lol didn’t expect to see her in the trailer

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Haha, yeah. She plays as one of the supporting character.

  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    Hmm seems like this drama could have potential, if it gets subbed in English I might give it a try

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Official long trailer:

      It seems that there’s too much angst between the buddies and the loveline, all the girls like Alan Ko’s character, ha! I’m still on the fence for this one.

      • elve123 • 3 years ago

        Wow you’re weren’t kidding when you said all the girls. Even the girl with the side bangs seems like she might have a thing for Alan lol. But I guess when you’re the hero all the girls love you. So Alan, Darren and Andrea are all childhood friends (or at least since they were teenagers)? Love triangle was bound to happen there based on basic drama logic. Not sure if I’ll tune in yet because the relationships seem like they might getting annoying. I don’t really like anyone in the cast enough to force myself to sit through this if it drags and smacks me in the face with unnecessary drama.

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