Lovely First Promos & Sypnosis for Someone Like You (聽見幸福) with Lorene Ren and Kingone Wang

Someone Like You
(聽見幸福) just keeps releasing beautiful promotional concept visuals that it’s hard to keep my anticipations low. The plot and the tone of the promotional visuals seems to be going for the melodramatic tone but the first stills of the couple’s official meeting after Kingone Wang (Ties the Knot) became blind looks pretty lighthearted. He accidentally bumps onto Lorene Ren (Kirsten Ren’s official English name is Lorene Ren) (In A Good Way) who just came out from the spa and she mistakes him as a peeking pervert.

Is “accidentally stumbling upon upper naked body” a standard operating procedure for the pilot episode of SETTV dramas? Because I clearly remember it happened in the pilot episode of In A Good Way (我的自由年代) where Lorene Ren mistakenly enters Lego Lee’s dorm and accidentally saw him changing his clothes. Similar circumstances happened in the first episode of Just You (就是要你愛上我), Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡 . 一個人) and Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我). SETTV is probably trying to give us fan-service, flaunting the hot body of their leads. I’m pointing out their laziness for recycling similar plot, not complaining for the exposure of naked upper bodies, ha! I I’m hoping that they’ll balance the angst with more lighthearted stuffs. I have no problem digesting delicious angst or intricate melodramas as long as the development makes sense but SETTV have a track record of writing insane plots for the second half of their drama so I’ll lower my expectations to not get burned later on.

As Kingone Wang and Lorene Ren are 8 years apart, she joked in the press conference that Kingone Wang’s hobbies are activities that old men like her dad usually likes to do. She later explains that she’s not saying that he’s old but she’s complimenting him as there’s an old soul living in his young body. While I don’t think the sizzling chemistry between Lorene Ren and Lego Lee can be replicated, I’m loving their good rapport and chemistry based on their off-screen interactions. Their chemistry feels more at ease and comfortable, which is perfect for their melo romance. Plus, I’m just super excited to see Kingone Wang as the male lead! He’s such an underrated good actor.

Rounding up the cast are Nita Lei (Boysitter, Rock ‘n’ Road ) who will be playing as the second female lead, Sean Lee (Pleasantly Surprised, Marry or Not), Katie Chen (Café·Waiting·Love, An Innocent Mistake) and William Wei (Lady Maid Maid).

Sypnosis: The owner of a departmental store, Fang Zhan-Cheng (Kingone Wang) loses his sight in a tragic car accident while on the way to the wedding photoshoot with his fiancee, Liang Luo-Han (Lorene Ren) and she never woke up after that. 2 years later, to clear up the rumors about his blindness, he makes his first inspection tour on the store counters but he accidentally hears Liang Luo-Han’s voice, which turns out to be Wang Yu-Xi (Lorene Ren)’s voice. His business partner, Shen Wei-Lian (William Liao) is worried that Wang Yu-Xi will expose their secret to the media so he goes to her house and clears up the misunderstanding, he got wind of Wang Yu-Xi’s nursing background in the process and decides to employ her to be Fang Zhan-Cheng’s personal private nurse with high salary.

Someone Like You is slated to follow after Say Again Yes I Do (再一次我願意) and premiere on January 11th, taking over the Sunday timeslot.

On a side note, I really like the official English title of Someone Like You, the meaning of their Chinese title is Hearing Happiness. Props to SETTV for the improvement of not using the word “love”, “like” or “happiness” anymore in their English title, ha!

Previous release of beautiful promotional stills of Someone Like You:

Teaser 1:

Promotional Concept Visuals:
sly-2 sly-3
sly-4 sly-5 sly-8 sly-6

First Stills:
sly-9 sly-10 sly-11 sly-12 sly-13

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  • Aki Ren • 3 years ago

    Really pretty visuals!!!!! Its really hard to keep my anticipation on the down low with all these prettiness that they’re releasing. I really hope that everything about the drama would gel beautifully and break that Sunday curse. :)

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I know! I’m trying to keep my expectations low but SETTV just keeps rolling out these pretty visuals.. they’re not helping at all.

  • Yui • 3 years ago

    she’s really pretty here and those pics.. just as beautiful as the models. but this drama looks promising. please update 😀 thank you.

  • 冒冒 • 3 years ago

    I don’t really watch SETTV’s Sunday dramas… Since the plot of the shows sounds so appealing and next thing I hear loads of reviews saying it’s crap. ;___;
    So… I’m not going to have a lot of expectations (well I never really have an expectation… Apart from a favorite actress/actor is the drama)… I can’t wait to see the return of Lorene and Kingone… He’s really underrated. ;A;

    I really hope that Sean Lee and Nita Lei get more recognition since I always see them two as having either a supporting cast or one of a reoccurring characters… So I hope some day they’ll be a leading cast. I can see so much potential of Nita and Sean.

    Also… Thank you for telling us the synopsis really appreciate it :)

    • 冒冒 • 3 years ago

      * is in the drama

      Excuse the typo.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Ikr! Kingone Wang is so underrated T_T I always want him to be the lead but sadly, he plays second lead most of the time.

  • Erika Dara • 3 years ago

    May i know what song she is singing? She’s really pretty and her singing voice is really soft and sweet. And i like this drama. :)

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      It should be 愛不愛都寂寞 (Loving or not, I’m still lonely) by Lorene Ren.

      • Erika Dara • 3 years ago

        Yay! Thank you so much! I’m going to download this song. Now I’m really a fan of her. Looking forward to see more episodes of this drama (watching this on

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