Someone Like You Releases Beautiful 30sec Story Trailer & Portable Booth Box

SETTV just keeps churning out beautiful promotional items for upcoming Sunday drama, Someone Like You (聽見幸福), they’re unstoppable and I’ll never get tired looking at these beautiful visuals. It shows how highly they regard the drama as it’s apparent that they’ve turned on full power for the promotions, they even created a customized portable booth box for the drama, I gotta give some credits for their creativity.

Earlier this morning, Lorene Ren (Kirsten Ren’s official English name) and Kingone Wang attended the promotional event for the customized portable booth box. There’s an LCD screen in the booth box that showcases the trailers, teasers and some of the unseen BTS videos. Besides taking pictures inside the booth, couples can also press a special button and hear each other’s heartbeat, in consistency with the Chinese title – I Hear Happiness. The portable booth box will be located in Huashan 1914 Creative Park for 2 weeks, fans who are in Taiwan can try and experience the box for yourself.

The first story trailer is out and I really like the way they execute the tragic car accident. For some reason, I kept on getting Autumn’s Concerto (下一站,幸福) vibe from Someone Like You and when I checked out the producer list, it turns out that it’s really from the same team of producers and production company. My anticipation level just spiked up at this new knowledge because even though the story of Autumn’s Concerto is melodramatic, they execute it beautifully and the producers paid a lot of attention to details and made it a delicate drama with rich emotions. I’m a bit at ease because of the production company, I’ll put some faith that they’ll do a good job on this.

From the 30sec trailer, it seems that Kingone Wang’s blindness is not totally incurable as his friend begs him to stop blaming himself over his fiancee’s death and treat his eyes. It’s said that the humming voice in the teasers are all sung by Lorene Ren, she really inherits the sweet voice of her sister, Selina from Taiwanese girl-group S.H.E. The 30-sec trailer also reminds me of SETTV’s older melo dramas which are a lot better than the dramas they’ve been putting out for the recent years. I’m hopeful.

Someone Like You is slated to follow after Say Again Yes I Do (再一次我願意) and premiere on January 11th, taking over the Sunday timeslot.

On a side note, I really love Lorene’s dress for the event, though I do hope there’s more smiles from Kingone Wang, ha!

Watch the first teaser and view more stills in my previous post.

30sec Trailer:

Luo-Han (Lorene Ren): Every path we have chosen in the past will create unimaginable results, just like a butterfly effect in our lives.
Zhan-Cheng (Kingone Wang): I will definitely make you happy.
Zhan-Cheng (Kingone Wang): I’m sorry, Luo-Han.
Friend: You’ve nothing to do with Luo-Han’s death, I beg you to treat your eyes please!
Yu-Xi (Lorene Ren): (singing) You’re the furthest star in my universe.

Second Teaser:

Event Pictures:

someonelikeyou-1 someonelikeyou-2 someonelikeyou-8 someonelikeyou-3 someonelikeyou-4

Lorene Ren pressing on the special button for couples to press and hear each other’s heartbeat.
someonelikeyou-6 someonelikeyou-7 someonelikeyou-5


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  • akikisetsu • 3 years ago

    I’m liking Rong Rong’s over-all look during this promo event and I noticed the flat shoes. :) And that 30 second teaser just amped up my anticipation for the drama. My drama watching mood is leaning towards the melodrama type right now and hearing that we have the production from Autumn’s Concerto is great (loved the visuals there). :)

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      One thing great about Autumn’s Concerto is that the production team had enough video stock before the premiere. It’s a little bit different from SETTV’s usual live-shooting mode. With more time for pre-production, the production quality is much higher.

      From what I’m seeing for Someone Like You, they have more time for pre-production than other SETTV dramas as they held their first shoot pretty early, I’m hoping the quality will be better than other SETTV sunday dramas.

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