2014 Year-end Asian Drama Reviews (with Dramapot, Shikidrama, Mydramatea)

Give your round of applause to welcome the guest bloggers – Heisui@mydramatea, Kat@dramapot and Soori@shikidrama.

Heisui: Hi I’m heisui and I mainly blog j-dramas, tw-dramas, and c-dramas over at My Drama Tea.  I’ve gotten to know Caroline (carolies541) over the year and it’s been a lot of fun discussing tw-dramas with her!

Kat: Hello! I’m Kat and I watch/blog/fangirl about chinese language dramas (TW, HK and C) over at Dramapot.com. Thanks Carol for the opportunity to be a part of this mega post! It’s always fun to read a different perspective on a drama you’ve watched.

Soori: I’m Soori from shikidrama and I mainly watch Kdramas,Jdramas and TWdramas (and a little bit of Cdramas) – lately I’ve also started watching Thai dramas. Although I post review, I normally like to write my thoughts on certain dramas or scenes and characters.

For this year’s drama review, I decided to shake things up for a bit and invite guest bloggers to write their own perspectives on the dramas they’ve watch. With more bloggers writing, more dramas can be covered and readers can hear different opinions about the dramas they’re interested in. The rating system is further developed with a wider spectrum, instead of the old and simple”Strong, mild and weak obsession” rating system.

Opinions are always subjective so don’t refrain yourself from checking a drama you’re interested in even if our rating for the drama isn’t favorable. No drama will ever be perfect in my eyes but a good drama don’t need to be perfect, it just have to deliver the correct emotions and entertain me.

Comments are very welcomed, we would love to hear from you about the dramas you loved or hated this year!

Rating system for this year:

List of Drama Reviews
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Korean Dramas: Angel Eyes | Bad Guys | Can We Love? | Emergency Couple | Glorious Day | High School King of Savvy | It’s Okay, That’s Love | MAMA |Marriage, Not Dating | Misaeng | My Secret Hotel | Plus Nine Boys | Pride & Prejudice | You’re all Surrounded

Taiwanese and Chinese Dramas: Apple In Your Eye (TW) | Boss & Me (CN) | Back in Time (CN) | Fabulous 30 (TW) | Love Cheque Charge (TW) | Marry or Not (TW) | Mr. Right Wanted (TW) | Pleasantly Surprised (TW) | Rock ‘N’ Road (TW)  | Shenzhen / Roommate Diaries (CN)  | Sound of the desert (CN)  | The Darker (CN) | The Virtuous Queen of Han (CN) | The Way We Were (TW)

Japanese Dramas: Alice no Toge | Boku no Ita Jikan | Border | Borderline | Dear Sister | HERO 2014 | Hirugao | Mozu Season 1 & 2 | Platonic | River’s Edge Ookawabata Tanteisha | Roosevelt Game | Shitsuren Chocolatier | Wakamono Tachi

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2014 Korean Dramas

In 2014, cable channels proved themselves to be powerhouses of the kdramaland (even the variety show world) by constantly delivering quality dramas. Not all of their dramas are great but the consistency level is much higher than the public channels. That’s probably because they had more freedom to explore on different themes, creating contents with diversity. As a viewer, I’m always thankful when TV channels offer more things to me and here are some of the dramas that I watched for this year.

Soori@shikidrama joins me for this year’s year-end review and she pretty much reviewed most of the kdramas listed below. Her reviews are actually more precise than my long-winded reviews (ha!) so feel free to check her reviews out for different opinions.

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2014 Taiwanese & Chinese Dramas

New sub-section for this year’s end-of-year review – Chinese dramas. More c-dramas are being covered thanks to Kat@dramapot as I actually only finished watching a few c-dramas for this year. I didn’t add my thoughts on Rock ‘n’ Road and The Way We Were as they’re still kept on-hold and as for Lovestore at the Corner, I dropped it midway through, more on that HERE. This year’s tw-dramas are, in my opinion, a little bit disappointing as most of them didn’t really grabbed my attention. Most of them falter halfway through and that’s such a shame! Heisui@Mydramatea also joined me to review some of Chinese and Taiwanese dramas, be sure to check out Kat’s and Heisui’s drama reviews!

If Korean cable channels were the powerhouses for this year, then Chinese web-dramas are the powerhouses for Chinese dramaland this year. There were several Chinese web-dramas with interesting themes that could never be shown in public channels due to content restriction by the government. On top of that, the quality of web-dramas are actually much higher than most of the dramas from public channels and they made me see modern c-dramas in a brand new light. I used to think that modern dramas are not their forte but this year, there’s Boss&Me, Back in Time and The Darker that won me over.

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2014 Japanese Dramas

Jdramas are always so short and fast-paced, which is always a double-edge sword because their fast-paced story can sometimes prevent me from getting invested into the characters in emotional storylines but it works really well for procedural plots. One thing I love about jdramas is the diversity in their genres, less on rom-coms that’s so common in Korean and Taiwanese dramaland but more on crime procedural stuffs (almost too much!). However, in 2014, the drama genres are more balanced out and less heavy on crime-procedural dramas like the last few years. Soori@Shikidrama and Heisui@Mydramatea also joined me to review some of the jdramas listed below, be sure to check out their reviews!

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