News Bites: January 11th, 2015

Sorry for the delay for news bites as real life has been eating me up lately, plus there were not enough interesting news to compile for the past week. I’ve rescheduled the news bites and decided to publish it on every Sunday, either weekly or bimonthly, depending on whether there’s enough Taiwanese news to post.


  • TVBS latest original drama production, Rose Battle (哇!陳怡君), previously known as I Am Chen Yi-Jun (我叫陳怡君) held their opening-shoot ceremony a few days ago. They changed the line-up of the male cast to Yao Yuan-Hao (Deja Vu) and Jason Tsou (The Way We Were). No changes are made to the female cast, Tammy Chen (Dragon Gate) and Nana Lee (A Hint of You) are still staying with the production team. I’m sad to see Kingone Wang (Someone Like You) dropping this drama as a political-themed drama is rare in Taiwanese industry and it is penned by a critically acclaimed screenwriter. However, I think he made the right choice for his career as he’ll only be playing as the secondary character if he takes up this drama. Originally, it was rumored that Cash Chuang (The Pursuit of Happiness) was supposed to be the male lead and I was pretty indifferent to him but I think his replacement, Yao Yuan-Hao doesn’t do much for me either. I’m still on the fence for this, I’m intrigued by the theme and I like the female cast and Jason Tsou but I don’t think I can watch Yao Yuan-Hao without linking him to his past scandal. It’s slated to air somewhere in March, following after Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚). [WOWnews]
  • Kai Ko (Apple in Your Eye, Tiny Times) recently made his first commercial event appearance for an apparel brand ever since his past drug scandal. All the medias attention are on him and his actions are heavily scrutinized. He carefully stated that he still hope he’ll have the chance to take on acting projects in the future and hope that the directors will give him another chance. He also wished the best for his good friend, Jaycee Chan who recently attended the court trial for his drug case.  [WOWnews]


  • The cast of upcoming TTV action-romance drama, The New World (新世界) held their first screening event on a college campus where they filmed a part of their scenes on, giving the students a chance to get a sneak peak on the first long trailer. Roxanne Yang, Penber Pan, Jet Chao, Angela Lee and Jean Lee were all present, with the exception of Zhang Ting-Hu who is absent for his army service enlistment and Mini Tsai who was busy with other event. The New World will follow after Mr. Right Wanted (徵婚啟事) which have ended this week. [WOWnews]
  • On 29th December, the cast of SETTV hit daily drama, Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) held a mini celebratory conference for their rating success. Aaron Yan who made a cameo in the drama earlier also attended the conference a guest and handed a cake to the birthday girl, Beatrice Fang to surprise her. Beatrice Fang is so touched at his kind gesture that she called him “Tian Xing Ge Ge”, his character name in Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我), bringing laughter to the cast members. [WOWnews]


  • Jasper Liu attended the event of Clarisonic skin care facial brushes yesterday. Acting as the spokesperson, he demonstrated on how to use the facial product on the face of a lucky fan. Recently, he’ve been busy filming My Ghost Friend (Unofficial English Title)(我的鬼基友) and as he’s playing as a ghost in the drama, he often gets ignored in the filming set and he says that he feels very lonely because of that, ha! [ET Today] [Apple Daily]
  • Kimi Hsia participated in the MV of Eric Chou‘s latest single, Come Out Your Way (在你耳邊說). In the MV, they’re playing as a couple who got separated as Eric Chou suffers from terminal illness. The 19 years old singer-songwriter have released his debut album My Way to Love (學著愛) on 24th December. [Now News]
  • Gui Gui (Emma Wu) will be making her appearance in rookie hip hop group, CUG (嘻遊記)’s latest MV for their second promotional track, Little baddie (小壞壞). CUG is a project group that consists of comedian, Ah-Ken and Jay Chou‘s dance directors, Xue Gao and Xiao Mai. Jay Chou not only have composed their first promotional track, Clubbing People (夜店咖), he also made a featuring in the song. It seems that this rookie group is going for the humorous music style. [Now News]
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  • Skimmed Milk • 3 years ago

    Thanks for the update! :) I hope Kai Ko will have more chances to take on future acting roles as well.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I think it might take some time before he can return to the screen as the general public have been pretty harsh on him, taking his apology as his insincere and his charity works as a public showoff, there’s still a lot of negative response.

      • angelangie • 2 years ago

        sometimes when u bypass a chance and make a mess of it, to make it work again u need to work harder 2 times or even 10 times harder than what you did at the start, it will not be easy but it can be done if you are persistent enough and strong enough to prowl through it

        • carolies541 • 2 years ago

          I’m still not buying his “makeover” acts as he’s still partying a lot in real life (based on tabloids) but then goes “healthy” for public events. LOL!

          He was good in Apple in My Eye and I like his movies but I’m certainly not a fan of his partying habits or real life personality. He comes off as a childish guy (understandable since he’s born in 1990) to me.

          He didn’t cheat or harm others, party/drugs are bad influence for his younger fans but I don’t think it’s that unforgivable. So even if I’m not a fan of his real life personality, I still watch his stuffs (as long as it’s good).

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