Action-Romance Drama The New World (新世界) Unveils 30min trailer

Upcoming Action-romance drama, The New World (新世界) unveils their 30min trailer in their recent screening press conference with most of the cast, Mini Tsai (Lucky Touch), Roxanne Yang (Love Family), Penber Pan (Man.Boy), Angela Lee (Someone Like You) and Jean Lee (Lovestore at the Corner) and the other supporting cast. Sadly, Zhang Ting-Hu (Boys Can Fly, Apple in Your Eye) is absent from the promotional screening event as he had to enlist to the army but he left a video message to the cast and fans who attended the screening event.

I’ve been highly anticipating for this drama since I heard of the news mainly because I really like the director’s previous works such as Man. Boy (小孩大人) and Justice for Love (天平上的馬爾濟斯), he always incorporate plots filled with suspense and often have action scenes in his dramas, which is rare in Taiwanese dramaland. Truthfully, the initial “teasers” weren’t that great as it only showed mostly the emotional scenes of the heroines and it doesn’t feel there’s enough action but as they release more trailers, I’m intrigued by the plot. It’s more complex than what I thought.

The 3omin trailer gives a more complete view of the background story and I’m getting all that anti-hero vibe from the protagonist which I really like! Uprising rookies, Zhang Ting-Hu and Roxanne Yang seems very natural from the trailer but I’m a bit worried for Mini Tsai and Penber Pan as they seem a bit stiff (or maybe it’s because of their serious characters). I think I would have appreciate more if the director made it a little bit shorter and edit more cut sequence instead of airing full separate sequences as it almost feels like I’m watching a full episode of the drama. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the child actor of Man.Boy, Lucas Luo (Man. Boy) as the childhood version of the protagonist. He’s one of those rare Taiwanese child actors that really have acting chops for his young age. The other child actors seem decent too and I also spot the child actress who played Rui Rui in Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間). Seems like the casting team really made an effort selecting talented kids.


30min Story Trailer:
The first 6 min of the trailer are the opening sequence and the 3min story trailer they released before on their facebook page, the remaining 24min are the full long story trailer.

To sum up the 30min trailer, the story starts with a series of murder and bombing cases which made the police suspicious of Shen Zi-Hong (Zhang Ting-Hu) behind all these as he used to be an elite special forces whose specialty is to create bombs  and the victims of the murder cases are somehow interlinked to the case which happened over decades ago in a small farm village which have now transformed into an industrial sector, Shen Zi-Hong was one of the victims in that old case.

At the same time, a reporter, Miao Miao (Roxanne Yang) prints out an old picture from her childhood days where the kids of the small village planted the seeds of hope, hoping to find her childhood friends, Qing Ting, Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao who were separated when her family moved out of the village. She went back to the village to search for more information but in the process of searching, she heard from an old villager that a few days after her family moved out of the family, the families that refused to move out of the village were all involved in a car accident, killing and hurting many in the process.

The news reported that the cause of the car accident was because of over-crowding and the car speeding through the red light in a rainy day. However, the old villager feels something is amiss as the ones involved in the car accident were all coincidentally the families that refused to move out of the village. Miao Miao also learnt that the 3 kids of the victim’s family were later adopted by different people and it will be difficult for her to find her childhood friends. Shen Zi-Hong’s mom is one of the victim and she’s now disabled and unable to talk. He believes that someone had to be responsible for the deaths caused by the car accident as he suspect the cause of all these is the deeply rooted corruption of the commercial tycoons who wanted to buy the village land to make them into an industrial sector.

The police set up a special investigation team which consists of a few people including Lin Zi-Yan (Mini Tsai) and Liu Dong-Han (Penber Pan), they’re all elites recruited from different parts of the country. The police recruited people from different places so that they’re able to keep secret of their mission and have no ties to each other. Their mission is to protect the daughter of one of the city’s government official, Luo Yong-Mei (Angela Lee) who recently suffered attacks from anoymous people.

The New World is set to replace Mr. Right Wanted (徵婚啟事)’s friday drama timeslot and will premiere tomorrow night at 10PM on TTV channel.

60sec Teaser: Revenge Version

60sec Teaser: Promise Version

60sec Teaser: The price of searching for the truth

60sec Teaser: First Love Version
Even though I’m mainly watching for the intriguing plot and action, the romance seems to be my cup of tea too.
In this teaser, Zhang Ting-Hu talks about his first love who he’ll always chase after with his bike after school during high school. He always stared at her back but she never knew about it. Roxanne Yang thought he’s talking about Jean Lee but in actuality, the person who he had been chasing all the while is Roxanne Yang. Zhang Ting-Hu had already recognized her as his childhood friend 10 years ago but was afraid that she had already forgotten about him and everything is one-sided from him. In the end, he never had the courage to greet her and he’ll ride back to the opposite direction with the same speed he rode behind her.

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  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    Looks very dramatic but I love a good mystery-action drama so this could be good

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I guess I’m in the mood for this kind of theme. In the recent years, there’s too many rom-com and too little action dramas in Taiwanese dramaland.

  • tiffany • 3 years ago

    So sad that ZTH isn’t joining them for any of their promos. BOOOOOOO :( lol Also have to say I find Jean’s face annoying to look at.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Jean does have a face that look a little bit like a chipmunk, lol. I find her quite alright but she had an annoying character in lovestore at the corner. Anyways, I watched ep1 last night and thought it was pretty good.

      • tiffany • 3 years ago

        I just finished it and liked it, although I’m not really feeling the background music rn. Roxanne/Rabbit impressed me because she talks so differently when she’s on talk/variety shows. I’m def looking forward to how the plot progresses bc this episode was mainly already shown in the preview.

        • carolies541 • 3 years ago

          I’m pleasantly surprised that they included most of the scenes from the 30min trailer in ep1, it’s pretty fast-paced. They don’t go around the bush to introduce the background story. I’m liking ep1 so far and halfway writing a recap on it.

  • Jo • 3 years ago

    Only one episode has aired even then, I love this drama to bits. The storyline is interesting, the acting is solid and moving times I just hope the writing stays strong. It would be a shame to see something that has potential to be great degrading to being “just another drama.”
    Here I am killing time, waiting for episode two tomorrow. The clock does not seem to be moving as fast as it usually does :(

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      The plot is great, I love how the writers weave so many mysteries together, interlinking incidents and people together.

  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    Finally watched the first three episodes of this on viki and I am loving this show =)

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      The plot is pretty intriguing and I really like the cast but sadly, the action scenes have a lot of room for improvement, haha! Pretty good so far.

  • yiotta • 2 years ago

    i love mysteries, the characters don’t fit any norm you typically see in drama series, so it’s refreshingly different. so far, so good…

    • carolies541 • 2 years ago

      I’m more invested in the mystery plot than the romance. The only thing I dislike is their action scenes, it feels sooo slow and fake, they could do better than that. So far so good though.

      • yiotta • 2 years ago

        i got back to your page cuz i was looking for other drama that’s as good as this one. i have nothing to look forward to, now that it’s finished. waah. i liked the whole thing from beginning to end.

        • carolies541 • 2 years ago

          You should try watching Ihero (crime procedural series), it is pretty good actually.

          • leslie • 2 years ago

            am starting to; it’s not bad but i miss a good storyline that “new world” had; i’m also watching “wake up”; it’s too bad these don’t have english subs but i guess this might help my chinese…

          • carolies541 • 2 years ago

            I like Ihero’s episodic format even though that means we have “less” storyline between the leads as we’re more focused on the story of the cases alone but I appreciate that there’s some links between each of these leads and some of the suspects/victims of the cases, it brings out different aspects of these characters.

            I still need to be in the mood for Wake Up, the tone is a little bit too serious and I’m more in the mood for more livelier stuffs lately.

            Long Journey’s into light is also another good drama to recommend (despite it being a small-budget production), there’s a lot of emotions and heart in it.

  • mwooyoung • 2 years ago

    Bit surprised but I’m hooked on this series. I really enjoy it.

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