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Note: These videos are downloaded from Iqiyi and they’ll update 2 episodes per day at 12AM midnight. Even though they didn’t particularly state whether this is the regular broadcast version or the uncut version, I’m assuming that it’s the official uncut version as there’s no channel logo on it and it also include the full opening and ending theme sequence. I’ll try my best to update as regularly as I can.

I watched about 4 episodes of Lady and the Liar but it’s too dramatic for my taste so I guess I won’t be uploading that one. On the other hand, Grow Up is a pleasant surprise, it has a pretty decent start and I love Bai Bai-He through her rom-com movies. She’s also very compatible with Lu Yi whom I’ve grown to love in Chinese version of Dad, where are we going season 2. The main couple, a medical intern and her sharp-tongued mentor reminds me of the second male-lead and the heroine of Kdrama, Emergency Couple (I think they’re cute together).

Even though Zhang Zi-Xuan is involved in an adultery scandal with Chen He recently, as I don’t watch a lot of c-dramas, I only know who she is when I watch this drama so I guess her scandal doesn’t affect my drama watching routine that much, ha! Plus, she’s only a supporting role, it’s not too bad.


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長大 (Grow Up)


Title: 長大 / Zhang Da
English title: Grow Up
Genre: Medical, Drama, Romance
Broadcast network: Dragon TV
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-29
Sypnosis: Ye Chun-Meng (Bai Bai-He) is a talented medical intern who is hardworking and determined, even the so-called “demon mentor”, Zhou Ming (Lu Yi) secretly acknowledges her effort. However, she feels inferior because of her poor family background as she came from a small town. Thus, there was once a time when surviving and staying in the hospital became her only life goal.

During her internship, she was once sensitive to the superior background of Chen Xi (Jiang Shu-Ying) and Bai Xiao Qing (Zhang Zi-Xuan), she also wavered before when faced with a temptation that can reduce 10 years of hard work in the hospital and also hesitated before in front of the tough romance between her and her mentor, Zhou Ming. But in the end, under the guidance of Zhou Ming and through the process of curing her patients, Ye Chun-Meng found herself and discovers the happiness and significance of being a doctor. She finally understands the true meaning of happiness. Adapted from a web-novel with the same title.

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