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Note: These videos are downloaded from Iqiyi and they’ll update 2 episodes per day at 12AM midnight. Even though they didn’t particularly state whether this is the regular broadcast version or the uncut version, I’m assuming that it’s the official uncut version as there’s no channel logo on it and it also include the full opening and ending theme sequence. I’ll try my best to update as regularly as I can.

I watched about 4 episodes of Lady and the Liar but it’s too dramatic for my taste so I guess I won’t be uploading that one. On the other hand, Grow Up is a pleasant surprise, it has a pretty decent start and I love Bai Bai-He through her rom-com movies. She’s also very compatible with Lu Yi whom I’ve grown to love in Chinese version of Dad, where are we going season 2. The main couple, a medical intern and her sharp-tongued mentor reminds me of the second male-lead and the heroine of Kdrama, Emergency Couple (I think they’re cute together).

Even though Zhang Zi-Xuan is involved in an adultery scandal with Chen He recently, as I don’t watch a lot of c-dramas, I only know who she is when I watch this drama so I guess her scandal doesn’t affect my drama watching routine that much, ha! Plus, she’s only a supporting role, it’s not too bad.


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長大 (Grow Up)


Title: 長大 / Zhang Da
English title: Grow Up
Genre: Medical, Drama, Romance
Broadcast network: Dragon TV
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-29
Sypnosis: Ye Chun-Meng (Bai Bai-He) is a talented medical intern who is hardworking and determined, even the so-called “demon mentor”, Zhou Ming (Lu Yi) secretly acknowledges her effort. However, she feels inferior because of her poor family background as she came from a small town. Thus, there was once a time when surviving and staying in the hospital became her only life goal.

During her internship, she was once sensitive to the superior background of Chen Xi (Jiang Shu-Ying) and Bai Xiao Qing (Zhang Zi-Xuan), she also wavered before when faced with a temptation that can reduce 10 years of hard work in the hospital and also hesitated before in front of the tough romance between her and her mentor, Zhou Ming. But in the end, under the guidance of Zhou Ming and through the process of curing her patients, Ye Chun-Meng found herself and discovers the happiness and significance of being a doctor. She finally understands the true meaning of happiness. Adapted from a web-novel with the same title.

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  • StarlaBlaise • 3 years ago

    It’s a shame. Kind of hoped you would like “Lady and Liar”. I found a site with downloads, but the speed is horrendous 10-20 kb/s. :(

  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    From the trailer I totally want to watch this now =D medical dramas aren’t bad and I always like it when there is more than one couple to root for, which it seems like there should be. But why lack of subs, why!? :'(

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I guess it’s a little bit sad because only the “idol dramas” and dramas with high profile producers or actors/actresses with bigger international fanbase will be subbed. Even though this is a medical drama, it focuses more on the development of these interns and how they mature as a trainee doctor. It feels like a “youth” drama for some reason but with older cast, ha!

  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    Nice, I always tend to enjoy youth dramas because they show significant character growth. Such a shame that these types of dramas do not get more attention, now I wish I would’ve taken Chinese language classes lol.

  • abugemilang • 3 years ago

    Hello Caroline. I wonder what is the full meaning of your sentence:

    I only know who she is when I watch this drama so I guess her scandal doesn’t affect my drama watching routine that much, ha! Plus, she’s only a supporting role, it’s not too bad.

    I only know who she is when- I watch this drama —-> I only watch her on this drama ???

    I could be wrong anyway

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I only know who is she when i watch this drama, which means I didnt know who she was and how her face look like before I watch this drama.

      • abugemilang • 3 years ago

        I don’t know that sentence look so long and little bit uncommon. I’ve never read it or heard it in the book or anywhere else.

        • carolies541 • 3 years ago

          “As I don’t watch a lot of c-dramas, I only know who she is when I watch this drama” if you read this whole sentence, it makes sense. Well, I don’t think it matters that much since this is not a review post and the focus is more on the downloads so I didn’t do any wording check, as long as you get the gist, that’s enough.

  • Jo • 3 years ago

    I am really enjoying my time watching this drama, but I keep on getting distracted by Lu Yi’s hair. His hair looks so good that all my focus gravites towards it <3

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I know! His hair is so spiky that I sometimes get distracted by him. This drama just gets better and better. I’m also looking forward to the drama that follows after this, An ordinary world, with Yuan Hong and Tong Li Ya.

      I’m also glad that it focuses more on the lives and trials of these medical people rather than medical cases (it’s more like a growing up show than a medical show) because serious medical drama can be boring for me.

      • Jo • 3 years ago

        On another note the the supporting guy I cannot remember name, but he I setting to my nerves with the way he keeps on addressing his girlfriend. I know he has all this emotional turmoil because of his mother being sick and all but his behaviour is atrocious. I mean, his girlfriend seems like an understandable person, him keeping this from her and going off and spending more time than reasonable with Doctors ex. To some extent through their time spent together I think he has some how developed feelings for the doctor. I guess to some extent it was expecting because she is offering him an ear and comfort something which his girlfriend has not been able to do because she does not know what is giving him distress.

        • carolies541 • 3 years ago

          Do you mean Xie Nan Xiang? (I don’t think his mom is sick, who is it are you talking about?) If you’re talking about Xie Nan Xiang, Chen Xi is not his girlfriend, she just have a one-sided crush on him and they grew up together. I do feel Chen Xi needs to spend more time on herself than on a guy who doesn’t like her and finds her a bother.

          • Jo • 3 years ago

            That makes more sense (their relationship).
            … Then whose that in the hospital? I get confused on the different ways to address different people ( pardon my stupidity)

          • carolies541 • 3 years ago

            The one in the hospital is their (Chen Xi and XNX’s) high school classmate (also XNX’s crush in high school), the one that got a lump on her breast.

          • Jo • 3 years ago

            Thank you

  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    Watched the first two episodes without subs, already hopelessly confused as to whose friends with/likes who lol. At least the two main leads look good together =) hope for cute scenes to come.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      The lovelines are very secondary though (the main couple is still not yet together at this point and doesn’t even fall for each other yet since the main guy just got his divorce). They focuses more on the characters’ growth and bits of their everyday lives. It feels more like a slice of life story to me.

      • elve123 • 3 years ago

        Oh he just got his divorce? Wow then it will probably take a while. Main couple’s relationship might be a like Derek and Meredith from Grey’s lol. Do you happen to know how many episodes the show will be?

        • carolies541 • 3 years ago

          38episodes. He have been enstranged with his wife for 2 years ever since the death of their daughter and they finally officially got their divorce in ep8 (or around there) and it’s apparent that the doctor still have lingering feelings for his ex-wife. Since there are still 22 more episodes to go, the romance will probably go very slowly. There seems to be some sparks between them lately though.

  • Seyoomii • 3 years ago

    hi .. Is not there eng sub ??
    It seems as beautiful , Thank you ^_^

  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    Aw the main couple is so cute. But since I don’t really understand what they’re saying, I have to ask is the only reason Ye Chun-Meng went to the train station to test if Zhou Ming’s feelings for her? And what was the bottle of medication for? On another note, wait since when did the doctor with the faux-hawk fall in love with the main girl’s bestfriend lol!? I know they’ve spent some time together and what not but I feel like I’m missing something…

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Bai Xiao Jing lied to Zhou Ming (out of good will) that YCM went off and quit being a doctor because of him to force him to accept his feelings. Before, he had been avoiding/denying his feelings for her as he thinks that it’s the best for her as they’ve a pretty huge age gap and they’ve a mentor-student relationship but once he heard that she went off, he became anxious and thus he’ve came to accept his feelings and they officially got together.

      That bottle of medication is a long-time medication Zhou Ming had been using to control his neurasthenia (which is caused by overworking for many years and irregular sleep cycle as he’s suffering from insomnia). Because of his conditions, he’s finding it more difficult to hold things steadily with his hands, thus he might not be able to hold a knife for operations anymore in the future. But it’s not an incurable illness, he just need to treat it (though it may take some time).

      The doctor is married (which Chen Xi doesn’t know), he’s just toying with her, but she’s also trying to get some comfort from him as she keeps on getting hurt by Xie Nan Xiang’s rejections .

  • elve123 • 3 years ago

    Happy that Chen Xi and Xiao Qing made up in the end. But I honestly cannot believe their poor friend died, I really liked him with the other doctor. More importantly the way he died was just awful, such a freak accident. So I am assuming at the end Zhou Ming finally got treatment for his condition?

    • carolies541 • 2 years ago

      To be honest, I still haven’t got to watch the last 2 episodes even until today so I can’t answer your last question (thus the delay in my reply). I saw some spoilers about the ending and it’s not to my expectation so I’ll hold off the last 2 episodes until I have enough courage. If not I’ll just take the ending as where the Chun Meng and Zhou Ming got together, the ferris wheel scene, haha!

      I’ve seen the 30min long trailer so I know that the friend will die in the end so I’m not too shocked, but still, it’s such a pity. He made a good pair with Bai Xiao Jing.

  • 485 • 2 years ago

    Nona i wont sub #_#
    i really sad >>> beautiful drama not have sub ><

  • Soo • 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this drama!

    I am currently on episode 31 and totally loving the characters, the plot and especially our main couple! They’re so cutee together that every time I see them on screen together I’m always wearing this sappy grin. haha

    I just hope that the ending isn’t as bad as everyone says. It’d be such a pity that such a nice drama is ruined by a bad ending. :c

    Thanks once again!

  • moonhana • 11 months ago

    I can’t believe I marathoned through this drama in like less than a week. There were some questionable scenes and actions but I enjoyed it overall. Wish they had a better ending. I knew how it was going to end from the beginning, but ugh – they could have at least gave viewers a slightly less open ending. I heard there were talks about a sequel?

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