Danson Tang and Lee Jia Ying Pairs Up for Upcoming SETTV Friday Drama

First teaser video is out for SETTV’s upcoming Friday drama, Murphy (莫非,這就是愛情?) which is slated to follow after Aim High (22k夢想高飛). Danson Tang (Fabulous 30) and Lee Jia-Ying (I Love You So Much, Boys Can Fly) will be headlining Murphy and I’ll probably be keeping this drama on my tabs. The current batch of SETTV weekly dramas, Aim High and Someone Like You (聽見幸福) have been pretty lackluster in my opinion, they’re pretty easy to watch but they lack the addictive ingredients to keep me glued to them so I’m hoping this new drama will infuse some positive energy to the current SETTV’s weekly drama lineup.

I’ve been behind most Taiwanese dramas except for The New World (新世界) and Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金), which I promise to write a compilation review one of these days. I confess to not being too familiar with uprising actress, Lee Jia-Ying whom you may recognize from I Love You So Much (粉愛粉愛你) but with Danson Tang attached to this drama, I’m intrigued. I knew him back when he was a supporting cast in Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi (花樣少年少女) but it was only until Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) that I connected with him as an actor. He had so much chemistry with Albee Huang (Dear Mom) in Fabulous 30. It’s a pity that I didn’t like Albee Huang as much in Dear Mom as she plays a woman involved in an affair with her boss in the drama.

Despite all the criticisms and controversy about the script quality of SETTV dramas, they’re undoubtedly the best at marketing, star-making and generating buzz for their new projects. Danson Tang gained quite a lot of public recognition through Fabulous 30 and I’m sure this drama will further solidify his new-generation leading man status in Taiwanese dramaland.

Not much information is being released yet but a short description of the drama and the text preview for Ep1 are out.

Short Description

When Love meets Murphy’s law
Usually, the more you say you can’t be with one person, the more likely you’ll end up with that person!? The dilemma in love, do you want the perfect 4G guy or the brash guy? Can it be that falling in love with him is inevitable?

(TN: “Can this be?/Can it be?” in chinese is similar to the chinese translation of “Murphy”, it’s a play in words.)

Ep1 Text Preview

In a scenic restaurant on top of Yang Ming Mountain, Xiao-Tong (Lee Jia-Ying) eagerly awaits for Kai-Wen‘s marriage proposal. However, Kai-Wen is asking for a break up instead! Kai-Wen says that there’s great disparity in their background so they won’t be able to get the blessings of their family and it’s impossible for them to be happy.

At the same time, at the same location, a perfect setting for a marriage proposal is readily prepared on the other corner of the restaurant. Jia-Wei (Danson Tang) glances a few times at his watch and the proposal ring but his girlfriend, Zhi-Yu is nowhere to be seen.

Kai-Wen who just left the restaurant got involved in a car accident with Zhi-Yu who came rushing for her date. Zhi-Yu became badly injured and disfigured. To take responsibility for the car accident, Kai-Wen brings Zhi-Yu to America for her treatment. Xiao-Tong who’s left behind and Jia-Wei who awaits in vain sits silently, feeling lonely by their own.  (Source: Facebook Page)

The last paragraph of Ep1 text preview seems to be the perfect potential trigger for angsty future.

So far, I’m pretty indifferent to the story, it seems like another version of Love Around (真愛黑白配) where the two leads became broken-hearted because of their ex-lovers and find comfort in each other. However, I’m really digging the look and feel of the first teaser, SETTV sure knows how to package their dramas. I’m keeping an open-mind to this drama as I find Danson Tang and Lee Jia-Ying to be refreshingly matching.

Murphy is slated to premiere in 20th March on SETTV channel, airing on every Friday.

I thought I could never love again,
until she walked into my world.
Strangely, it feels pretty good to have her around.
Can this… be love?

Screenshots & BTS Pictures:
canthisbelove-1 canthisbelove-3


Optical illusion! I like this concept!

canthisbelove-5 canthisbelove-4

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