News Bites: March 8th, 2015

Please pardon me for the late article. I was pretty lazy to write up a lengthy news article and so, I decided to hold off News Bites until there’s enough interesting drama casting news to be reported.

  • Jasper Liu, Andrea Chen and Bryant Chang (or now known as Ray Chang) have recently wrapped up filming for their upcoming drama, My Ghost Friend (Unofficial English Title) (我的鬼基友). The cast happily shared their memorable filming experience with the press in the drama’s wrap-up celebratory party. In one particular scene, Bryant Chang is possessed by the ghost played by Jasper Liu and both guys had to film a “bed” scene with their body laying on top of each other. The guys joked that Andrea Chen is just a medium for them to have their indirect kiss, hinting that the drama will be full of bromance. The drama is said to be filmed using 4K Ultra HD video camera, which is frequently used for movies and less used in Taiwanese dramas and thus, viewers can expect quality cinematography. My Ghost Friend is slated to premiere somewhere in April on Youku and Tudou (chinese video streaming sites). Watch their interview clip HERE. [ETtoday]
  • Kimi Hsia will be playing  as the daughter of the award winning actress, Yan Yi-Wen in her upcoming drama-movie, Goldfish Mother (Unofficial English Title)(金魚媽媽). Kimi Hsia will play as a village girl who leaves her hometown to work in the city, Taipei for many years and have slowly drifted apart with her mom due to their distance and her busy lifestyle. Her mother will then suffer from early onset dementia, making her unable to remember her own daughter. The story will revolve around their complex relationship and the regrets of these characters. It is said to be a poignant story. The air date is yet to be confirmed but it is slated to air on CTV channel. [ETtoday]


  • Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen have recently went onto a Taiwanese talk show together and they revealed that there’s plans for them to co-star together in the 2nd installment of the X-family (終極一家). That is probably an exciting news for their fans and drama fans of the KO One/X-family series. When asked about his love life, Jiro Wang revealed that he secretly dated a non-celebrity girlfriend 5 years ago but she couldn’t understand the nature of his job and he wasn’t able to be there for her in times when she need him. Thus, he’ll probably try to find his other half that works in the same field in the future. Jiro Wang also mentioned that he’ll be focusing more on his career in Mainland China for these 2 years and so, it might be difficult for him to find his other half for the mean time. [Ming Weekly]
  • Upcoming political-romance TVBS drama, Rose Battle (哇!陳怡君) (formerly known as I am Chen Yi-Jun) have finalized their cast lineup with Tammy Chen, Yao Yuan-Hao, Jason Tsou and Nana Lee. The cast have been filming since early January and the filming is on the way to its finish line. The drama team recently held a creative promotional event to search for women named “Yi-Jun” (which is quite a common Chinese name) across all over the country, planning to use these participants in their drama. Rose Battle is slated to premiere in 21st March on TVBS, following after Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚). [ETtoday]
  • Chris Wu and Huang Pei-Jia‘s upcoming Hakka drama, Long Day’s Journey into Light (formerly known as Departure from Life) (出境事務所) have finalized their scheduled air date and released their first preview. The preview shows a lot of potential as it seems like a moving story that revolve around the people who departures from life and the people that accompany their last journey. I’m not particularly familiar with Hakka dramas (Hakka is a Taiwanese dialect) but it seems that they mixed in Mandarin with Hakka in this drama and I find it easier to digest than Taiwanese Hokkien (台語) dramas. Long Day’s Journey into Light is slated to premiere in 30th March in Hakka TV. Watch the first preview HERE. [Facebook Page]


  • The cast of upcoming SETTV friday drama, Can this be Love? (Unofficial English Title)(莫非,這就是愛情?) held their press meeting a few days ago. Uprising actor, Jolin Chien is reported to be the new addition to the cast and he’ll play the love rival of Danson Tang, competing for the affections of their leading lady, Lee Jia-Ying. Jolin Chien’s character is said to be a warm guy, the exact opposite of the brash character that Danson Tang will be playing. The concept of “Murphy’s Law” will be the central theme of the story as the heroine will still fall for the “wrong” guy despite knowing that he’s not the best choice. The drama is slated to take over SETTV friday drama time slot and will premiere in 20th March on SETTV, following after Aim High (22k夢想高飛). Read the plot outline I translated previously HERE. [WOWnews]
  • Former member of teenage girl group, Sweety, Esther Liu who have transitioned into an award-winning actress have recently released her first solo album, Rebirth (重生). It is reported that Esther Liu personally penned the lyrics of the whole album. Esther Liu left the limelight in 2007 to study in France for a few years and the title track of hew solo album, Rebirth is said to be written in French. I hope Esther Liu will find as much success as her former group mate, Joanne Tseng, who is currently enjoying her renewed popularity in SETTV’s hit daily drama, Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金). Listen to the radio version of the song HERE. [WOWnews]
  • Darren will be tying the knot with his long-term non-celebrity girlfriend in March 16th. On the day of their wedding photoshoot, Darren brought his beloved pet tortoise to liven up the set but instead, he had a hard time searching for his tortoise which keep on hiding itself in the corner. The couple had to retake several shots as the tortoise is not looking at the camera. Congratulations to the couple! They look really cute together with the tortoise, ha! [WOWnews]


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