News Bites: March 15th, 2015


  • Roy Qiu will be reuniting with his Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝) co-star, Alice Ke for ETTV’s upcoming drama, Marry me, or not? (必娶女人). Roy Qiu will play as divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love or marriage. Alice Ke’s character is described as a strong-willed modern woman that’s ambitious in career and love. Joanne Tseng will be playing as Alice Ke’s frenemy since their college days and is described to be willing to do anything in order to succeed. Rounding up the cast will be Huai Qiu, he will play as a playboy that breaks the hearts of many girls and is also the root cause of the fallout between Alice Ke and Joanne Tseng in their college days. [WOWnews]
  • It’s been reported that the 50th Golden Bell Awards made some changes to their award categories. Best Newcomer award will be making its return after 19 years ever since the 31st Golden Bell Awards. There have been some concerns raised by the industry critics about the criteria of Best Newcomer award as they have to do a thorough investigation on whether an actor/actress fits the criteria of “Newcomer” and whether actors or actresses who shot short films and web-dramas can still be considered as a newcomer. Even though there’s many grey areas to the judging criteria of the newcomer award, industry professionals think it’s a good award to encourage rookies and to be recognize by the public. On the other hand, Best Marketing Award will be cancelled from this year onwards. SETTV who have won 4 times Best Marketing Awards express regrets about the cancellation as they believe that marketing is also an important aspect in the TV industry. [China Times]


  • TTV’s upcoming Taiwanese-hokkien drama, Haru (春梅) recently unveils their first batch of trailers. Starring Allison Lin, Junior Han, Jenna Wang, Darren Qiu, Yankee Yang and Patrick Lee, Haru is a story set in the 1920s during the Japanese occupation era. Allison Lin will be playing as the titular character, Chun Mei who later becomes a nursing student along with Jenna Wang. The story will revolve around Chun Mei’s love and life during the hard times of Japanese occupation era. Darren will play as a Japanese officer that falls in love with Chun Mei. Patrick Lee will portray as a Japanese police, the main antagonist of the story. Haru will premiere in 16th April on TTV. Watch the trailers HERE and HERE. [Haru’s Official Site]
  • Kimi Hsia‘s upcoming drama-movie special, Goldfish Mother (Unofficial English Title)(金魚媽媽) drops the first batch of moving trailers. Award-winning actress, Yan Yi-Wen will be playing as Kimi Hsia’s mother who is diagnosed with early onset dementia and will slowly lose her memory about her daughter and family. Goldfish Mother is scheduled to premiere in 27th March on CTV. Watch the trailers HERE. [Official Facebook Page]
  • Constellation Series: Pisces Woman (星座愛情: 雙魚女) recently held their shooting ceremony and reveals the cast lineup – Lin Chen-Xi, Mini Tsai, Xie Kun-Da and Bryant Chang. Constellation Series is a long-running FTV series and have different horoscopes as the main theme for separate dramas. In Pisces Woman series, Lin Chen-Xi will play as Mini Tsai’s controlling younger sister who always make decisions for her.
    Pisces Woman series is slated to follow after Leo Woman series which stars Alice Ke and Tender Huang. Leo Woman series is scheduled to follow after Aries Woman series which is currently airing on FTV and stars Janet Hsieh, Xiu Jie-Kai, Jason Tsou and Chloe Wang.
    [Now News]


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