High Budget Crime Procedural Drama iHero (鑑識英雄) Confirms April Airdate

April will probably be my favorite month for this year as 2 of my highly anticipated Taiwanese dramas – medical drama, Wake Up (麻醉風暴) and iHero (鑑識英雄) (Investigation Hero) are simultaneously arriving on the same month. Starring Jason Wang (An Innocent Mistake), Janel Tsai (The Queen!), Kurt Chou (IUUI), Teresa Daley (Days We Stared at the Sun) and Mini Tsai (The New World), iHero is a crime procedural drama that revolves around the battle between a forensic investigation team and the criminals they’ll face. The cast had long completed the filming since March last year but iHero had been struggling to find a timeslot on TV channels and thus, leading to the delayed broadcast. But fear not, it will finally get to see the light of the day in 10th April, airing on every Friday on CTV channel.

I’m thrilled about having another crime procedural drama in Taiwanese dramaland as I’m growing weary of the rom-com clutter in the current drama scene. At the same time, I’m also sad to see that the industry doesn’t appreciate this genre that much, giving iHero a hard time to find a timeslot. Black & White (痞子英雄) is probably the closest procedural drama that Taiwan dramaland have offered to me in the past but they had more focus on the action scenes and the relationship of the detective duo. iHero will probably have more focus on the procedural parts than Black & White judging from the trailers.

I briefly mentioned about this drama on my “Detailed List of Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas in 2015” post and I’m gonna quote myself…

The tagline reads “Behind every crime scene hides a moving story and a story of science”. Jason Wang will be playing as a prosecutor, it’s said that he’s the center of the forensic investigation team. Kurt Chou will play as a forensic investigator who specialize in DNA analysis. Janel Tsai will play as a police officer who holds a black-belt in Taekwondo and expert in Thai boxing, sounds badass! Mini Tsai will play as the scientist of the forensic team.

The cast sounds solid as I loved Jason Wang as the charismatic Da Shu (uncle) in An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) and Mini Tsai had been growing on me a lot through her performance in the currently airing drama, The New World (新世界). Janel Tsai always holds a strong screen presence that I’m always drawn into whatever role she takes. I actually thought she stood out a lot in Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝), even more than the heroine, Alice Ke. I’ve only seen Kurt Chou in IUUI (我愛你愛你愛我), playing as my all-time bias, Jasper Liu‘s detective buddy but he was memorable in a good way. Furthermore, I saw several familiar faces such as Joelle Lu (Once Upon a Time in Beitou) cameo-ing in the trailer, that’s totally icing on the cake.

I’m loving the cinematic flair to these previews so far, it definitely shows the quality of high-budget investment.

Official Previews:

Character Descriptions:

Lin Shi-Yao (Jason Wang)
Nickname: Sir Lin
Officer of Forensic Crime Division, CSIC Team.
The center core and support of the forensic team.

Yang Qian (Janel Tsai)
Nickname: Xiao Qian
Police Officer of Criminal Investigation Bureau.
Black belt in Taekwondo, master in Thai boxing.

Lei Yi-Ming (Kurt Chou)
Nickname: Lei Gong (Thunder God in chinese, lol)
Team leader of Forensic Crime Division, CSIC team
Specialist in DNA analysis.

Wang Zhen-Ni (Mini Tsai)
Nickname: Elf
Member of Forensic Crime Division, CSIC team
Specialize in behavioral sciences.

Xin Pin-Fang (Teresa Daley)
Nickname: Xiao Xin
Member of Forensic Crime Division, CSIC team
Expert in ingredients and micro objects (analysis).

Gao Tian-Rui (Tsai Li-Yun)
Nickname: Xiao Gao
Member of Forensic Crime Division, CSIC team
Master in computers.

Umin-Dadau (Soda Voyu)
Nickname: Tou Mu (ringleader in chinese)
Member of Forensic Crime Division, CSIC team
Expert in traces analysis.

Yang Dong-Shun (Tao Bo-Zheng)
Known as: Professor Yang
Senior specialist in forensic science.

Official Stills

ihero-april3 ihero-april2 ihero-6 ihero-april4 ihero-april5 ihero-april6 ihero-1

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  • abugemilang • 2 years ago

    Did you watch Next Heroes? Sadly it wasn’t completely subbed on Viki. It’s thriller drama too. Black&White is years ago and so many Thriller Drama has been aired between this and that (B&W and iHero).

    • carolies541 • 2 years ago

      Oh yeah! I heard about Next Heroes but haven’t got the chance to watch it yet. Reminds me that I have to check out that one.

      Well, there’s only a few procedural tw-dramas so the first one that comes to mind is Black and White, since iHero reminds me of that show in terms of their cinematic quality and high-budget feel. The long running FTV procedural episodic show, Justice Heroes is also considered as a procedural show but the quality is so-so in my opinion.

      There are some “alternative” dramas too like Justice For Love (legal+romance, coming from the director of The New World), Bump Off Lover, Mysterious Incredible Terminator (mystery+psychological) but they’re not really proper crime procedural dramas.

      Anyways, I’m excited for this show, along with Wake Up.

  • tiffany • 2 years ago

    I didn’t remember who Janel Tsai was until I googled her – and then I remembered that I also liked her better than Alice in Office girls lol. I’ve definitely also warmed up to Mini because her character from The New World is my favorite out of the four girls. I hope Viki gets this drama.

    • carolies541 • 2 years ago

      Office Girls is a mediocre drama to me, didn’t like the OTP as much as everyone else and I actually thought that Janel Tsai and James Wen were more interesting together than the OTP, but that’s just me.

      Even if Viki doesn’t get this, someone can always make a fan channel for this one.

  • heisui • 2 years ago

    Agreed about Janel, saw her in Lady Maid Maid (didn’t stick with that drama T_T) and some other dramas as well. I’m glad she’s getting a leading role!

  • DBChen • 2 years ago

    Just started this today and really wish there were English subtitles. On the other hand, I am practicing my Mandarin and expanding my vocabulary. Not sure when I’ll need to say “eyeball fluid” though…

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