Poster and Long Trailer for SETTV’s New Friday Drama, Murphy (莫非,這就是愛情)

The long 16-min trailer was released earlier today in Murphy (莫非,這就是愛情)’s premiere event. Utilizing the principle of Murphy’s law, the story will revolve around the unlucky Guan Xiao-Tong (Lee Jia-Ying) and the new source of her bad luck, Ji Jia-Wei (Danson Tang). Murphy’s law can be defined as – things that can go wrong, will go wrong. As seen from the trailer, things always seem to go wrong in Guan Xiao-Tong’s life, whatever she wished to not happen, will happen in the end. In this context, falling in love with the seemingly wrong guy, Ji Jia-Wei is probably inevitable for Guan Xiao-Tong.

I’ve translated Murphy’s brief plot outline before HERE but you can read more character descriptions and the detailed plot outline on dramapot. The plot definitely sounds like it’s been done before, much like most Taiwanese rom-coms but the difference all comes down to the chemistry of the leads and the execution.

Judging the long trailer, I can feel a lot chemistry between Danson Tang (Fabulous 30) and Lee Jia-Ying (Boys Can Fly) and the execution is pretty lovely so I’ll probably try a few episodes to see how it goes. Jolin Chien (Pleasantly Surprised) seems to be playing the typical perfect 2nd male lead here to contrast that rude and arrogant personality of Danson Tang’s character. But as one says that opposite attracts, Lee Jia-Ying will probably still choose Danson Tang’s character who gets on her nerves in the end.

Rounding off the cast will be Jenna Wang (Deja Vu), JR, Enson Zhang (我的鬼基友), Vince Gao (Fall in Love With Me), Mandy Tao (Tie the Knot), Steven Sun (Tie the Knot), Chiago Liu (PM10-AM03) and Lin Xin-Bei (Pleasantly Surprised).

Murphy will premiere tomorrow night on SETTV. Also, good news for Malaysian fans, Astro HD channel will be airing Murphy live at the same time as Taiwan’s airtime – every Friday night at 10pm.

*Scroll down to watch the long trailer and read the detailed recap I wrote for it.

Pictures of the press conference:

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Short Teasers:

Long Trailer:

Detailed Recap of Long Trailer:

The trailer starts with Guan Xiao-Tong (Lee Jia-Ying) asking her boyfriend (Vince Gao) whether he’s leaving her for someone who he doesn’t love but match him in terms of wealth and status.

Xiao-Tong narrates that usually things that you wish to not happen will eventually still happen in the end. Just like how her parents didn’t want to have another child but still got her. Even when her parents wish it’s a baby boy, they get a baby girl instead.

When it comes to her life, as long as there’s a possibility that things will go wrong, no matter how much she prepared and planned it out, things will still go wrong. Just like she’s unable to get a taxi despite booking it earlier and when she decides to ride a bus, many unoccupied taxis appear instead.

Ji Jia-Wei (Danson Tang) doesn’t leave a very good impression on Xiao-Tong during their first meeting as she gets wet when he opens his umbrella to shield the splash of water on the road. She complains about her clothes getting wet to him but instead of apologizing, he questions why didn’t she dodge it. He shoves his namecard to her, telling her to call him for laundry fees before he leaves.

Xiao-Tong discovers a newly open divorce lawyer agency right opposite to her online dating company, her colleagues find the situation very ironic as their work is to make couples last but the divorce agency is doing the opposite thing.

The owner of the divorce lawyer agency is none other than Jia-Wei. He holds a celebratory party with his colleagues and friends for their success in getting their first case on their opening day. One of his drunk friend mentions that if it wasn’t for his ex-girlfriend (Jenna Wang) who suddenly vanished from his life one year ago, he wouldn’t be able to think of the idea of opening a divorce agency.

Watching the TV, Jia-Wei seems to disagree with the speech the love doctor, Xiao-Tong made on TV as she believes that there’s no incurable love illness, only people who give up on treatment will stay as doomed singles. He searches for her name online and is surprised to see the large number of followers on her site. He scoffs that there’s so many foolish people in this world.

Despite disagreeing on her views in love, he decides to consult her for advice online out of curiosity. He types out, “I don’t love her anymore but why is it that I’m unable to love others anymore.”. She replies, “A person that you don’t love won’t be able to influence you anymore, so it seems that you still love her”. He scoffs at her answer, calling her crazy and types back, “Are you sure? We’ve broken up for more than a year, how would it be possible that I still love her?”. She types back, “Just now, did you silently read out her phone number in your heart?”.

Jia-Wei immediately gets up from his seat, shocked about how she can know what was he thinking. She continues typing, “You purposely emphasized that you’ve already forgotten her phone number. Is it because you often want to call her up but don’t have the courage to do that? If you can’t face the fact that you still love her, it’s difficult for me to help you find back the courage to be able to love others again.” He seems to be deeply affected by her words. On the other side, Xiao-Tong thinks that judging from the speed of his answers, this person must be deeply hurt.

In his office, Jia-Wei looks at a poster promoting Xiao-Tong’s love hunting lecture event. He rips it apart and remarks that only a fool would attend such an event. His colleagues however tells him to attend the event to analyze the opponent’s side and he relents.

Xiao-Tong introduces a new term for a good man on her lecture – 4G (4 kinds of good) man which means – 1. able to give you space (好透氣), 2. comfortable to hang out with (好自在), 3. listens and respect you (好服貼), 4. loyal and able to make you feel safe (好安心). The screen cuts to Xiang Zi-Yan (Jolin Chien) while she list out the 4 kinds of good, hinting the good personality of Xiang Zi-Yan. She purposely stops in front of Jia-Wei and says that there’s more and more guys that doesn’t fit these terms, she call those guys NG (no good) man. Jia-Wei stops her speech and belittles her lecture.

Miffed at the incident earlier on, Xiao-Tong vents out her frustration by kicking on bed. She takes out the name card Jia-Wei gave her earlier and realizes that he’s the owner of the newly open divorce lawyer agency that opens opposite of her company. After that day, she keeps on bumping onto him. Her colleagues tease her that fate seems to always bring them together but she thinks otherwise, retorting that it’s a wicked fate.

Back at home, Xiao-Tong’s sister announces that she’ll be holding a divorce party to commemorate her divorce as her husband cheated on her. Jia-Wei’s divorce company is in charge of the divorce party and he silently looks at Xiao-Tong who worries for her sister and she seems to be sad about her divorce.

After the party, Xiao-Tong tells Jia-Wei that even if they think that her sister is not a good match for her ex-husband in terms of wealth, her efforts in this marriage is not something that can be measured by any amount of money. Jia-Wei corners Xiao-Tong and asks whether she cried earlier on and disagrees on her opinion about divorce party. He believes that it’s a party to make 2 unsuitable people begin their new lives and it’s a blessing for them so she shouldn’t be sad about it. She retorts that things will not be that easily forgotten even if they make a clean leave and they won’t be able to understand the pain of a person tending to their own wound by themselves.

Jia-Wei accidentally sees her phone lights up and sees that it’s an alarm reminder for “1 year anniversary of heartbreak”. It reminds him of his ex-girlfriend and he decides to completely forget about her by taking off the ring on his finger.

The scene flashes back to 1 year ago where Xiao-Tong got dumped by her boyfriend as he believes that there’s no future for them as his parents won’t approve of their relationship and he’ll have to marry a wealthy girl that is on par to his status. On the other room of the same restaurant, Jia-Wei awaits for his girlfriend, planning to propose to her. However, he receives a call from his girlfriend, saying that they should hold off about their marriage and it’s still too early for that. He thinks to himself that their 4-years of relationship and the plans they had make for their future had just became his own imagination.

On the way back, Jia-Wei overhears Xiao-Tong who got left behind drunkenly talking to herself, saying that she thought that her boyfriend will propose to her and give her a beautiful ring but instead, he just keeps on apologizing to her. Not seeing Xiao-Tong’s face, he silently puts down his ring box onto her table and leave the restaurant. Xiao-Tong sadly looks at the ring Jia-Wei left behind and mutters to herself that perhaps, this is love. (Referring that love is making her sad and also “perhaps this is love” is the meaning of the Chinese title, “perhaps” have the same pronunciation as “Murphy” of Murphy’s law in Chinese).

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