Long Day’s Journey Into Light (出境事務所) Releases Heartwarming Long Trailer

Death can be such a sad and serious topic but Long Day’s Journey into Light (出境事務所) seems to be exploring the topic in a lighthearted manner and also further in depth through a heartwarming and bittersweet story between a team of young funeral directors and their clients. Originally titled as Departure From Life (I’ve written more about it in “Detailed List of Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas in 2015” post) but they changed the official English title recently and even though both titles are fine for me, I actually prefer Departure From Life as it’s shorter and more straightforward.

The story will follow everyday lives of a team of rookie funeral directors played by Huang Pei-Jia (Second Chance), Crystal Lin (Sun After The Rain), Guo Xin (The Pursuit of Happiness) and David Qiu (The New World) led by senior funeral directors played by Ke Shu-Qin (Aim High) and Chris Wu (X Lies). Numerous talented actors and actresses such as Joelle Lu, Yan Yi-Wen, Elten Ding, Ding Ning and many more will be making their cameo in Long Day’s Journey into Light. Through various funeral events, they will grow from inexperienced rookies into a team of funeral directors that understand the needs of their clients and that is to company them through their last journey in life and comfort those who are left behind.

Huang Pei-Jia is definitely on the rise lately, after her hit movie, Second Chance (逆轉勝) hit the theaters in the end of last year, she took up this drama and also upcoming SETTV’s daily drama that will follow after Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金), 好想談戀愛 (will post more about this drama in the future). Chris Wu is also one busy bee as his medical-mystery drama, Wake Up (麻醉風暴) will air soon on April. I’m actually the most surprised about David Qiu as he seems SO different from his character in The New World (新世界), Ah Gang, he looks so different without his moustache and he’s actually playing a gay role in this drama.

This drama will air on Hakka TV channel, which means that the language they use is Taiwanese dialect – Hakka, mixed in with regular mandarin. I actually find it easier to listen than Taiwanese Hokkien dramas which rarely include mandarin in their dialogues. Long Day’s Journey into Light will premiere on March 30th in Hakka TV and CTV HD, airing on every Monday to Thursday nights, 4 episodes per week. Subsequently, it will also air on PTS, Hakka TV’s official Youtube channel and LINE TV.

Character Descriptions:

Luo Xiao En (Huang Pei-Jia)
25 Years Old, Rookie Funeral Specialist of Yuan Fu Life Enterprise

Competitive, straightforward and express her likes and dislikes clearly (easy to read). As her step-mother have to take care of her father who suffers from stroke and her younger brother is still studying, her family doesn’t have a stable source of income. Thus, she decided to apply to be a funeral director as she heard that it’s quite a well-paying job. Initially, she only entered the life industry to earn money. However,after facing life and death situations in her work everyday continuously, Xiao-En starts to re-asses her past life and decides to face her predicament head-to-head.

Zhao Sheng Jie (Chris Wu)
30 Years Old, Famed Funeral Director of Yuan Fu Life Enterprise

Principled and detailed. His father is unknown and his mother left him when he was young and so he was brought up by his grandma. He started working part-time during his high school, in hope to provide a better life for his grandma. However, grandma passed away and Ah Sheng felt dissatisfied with the departure process and the service attitude of the local funeral service. Thus, he’s determined to enter the life business to become a funeral director.

Chen Gui-Yi (Crystal Lin)
26 Years Old, Rookie Funeral Specialist of Yuan Fu Life Enterprise

She likes to hang various amulets, good luck charms and cross necklaces on her body. Pretty timid but she works hard to overcome her psychological pressure, hoping that she can serve the dead. However, due to her weak body, she could never survive the suffering of long working hours and the toll on her stamina.

Jiang Le-Sen (Guo Xin)
29 Years Old, Rookie Funeral Specialist of Yuan Fu Life Enterprise

Graduates with a double Ph.D but he could never stay for more than 3 months in any of his job. He believes that funeral director is an emerging industry in the 21st century that will only bring profit without loss. He also thinks that by expanding his networking frame, he can always get clients and based on his qualifications, he should be Ah Sheng’s successor and should not waste his time on being just a lowly assistant.

Mai Wen-Xiao (David Qiu)
28 Years Old, Rookie Funeral Specialist of Yuan Fu Life Enterprise

He’ve artistic talent, he likes to do make up and dressing up for the dead. He’ve a long term boyfriend but he doesn’t have the courage to confess about his sexual orientation to his family.

Chen Qiu-Xiang (Ke Shu-Qin)
39 Years Old, Manager of Yuan Fu Life Enterprise

Ambitious and a strong woman. Autocratic and domineering, expects perfection in work. Initially, she seeks nothing but profits and coldly leads and pressurize her subordinates, leading to voices of discontentment from her peers. Because of this, there was a time when she was pressurized to resign. Intending to reorganize her ways, she study hard through reading relevant books. After a long time of hard work, she can finally connect with her peers emotionally and forms a strong bond with them.

Teasers and Short Trailers:

In the above teaser, one of the man says, “Let’s head towards a beautiful future! Their future is to come to the funeral home.” HAHAHA! This line made me laugh out loud.

Opening Theme Song: Wing Luo (羅文裕) – Feel Free to Travel (放心去旅行)

I’m in love with the theme song, such a feel-good song <3 Long Trailer:

Official Poster & Stills:

longday-18 longday-19 longday-15
longday-20 longday-12 longday-9 longday-10 longday-24
longday-14 longday-7 longday-8 longday-21
longday-13 longday-11 longday-25 longday-26

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