20min Long trailer of Political-Romance Drama, Youth Power (哇!陳怡君)

Previously known as Rose Battle or I Am Chen Yi-Jun have confirmed their official English title to Youth Power (哇!陳怡君). Starring Tammy Chen (Dragon Gate), Jason Tsou (The Way We Were), Nana Lee (A Hint of You) and Yao Yuan-Hao (Deja Vu), Youth Power is said to be a political-themed drama, which is a rare theme in the rom-com littered land of Taiwanese drama.

The Chinese title, 哇!陳怡君 (Wa! Chen Yi-Jun or Wow! Chen Yi-Jun!) is a play on Taiwanese-hokkien words, “Wa” means “I”, it’s like an introduction for the heroine by saying “I am Chen Yi-Jun!”.  It’s a pity that the final version of English title is not as playful as the Chinese title.

I’ve more faith in TVBS drama quality than dramas that SETTV puts out. Truth is I’ve been on a Taiwanese drama slump lately, I managed to watch a few of the currently airing Taiwanese dramas but none of them make me feel obsessed about them. The really good ones are Long Day’s Journey into Light (出境事務所), Ihero (鑑識英雄) and Wake Up (麻醉風暴) but since they’re more career-centric dramas, I’m not particularly addicted to them but I acknowledge their quality. So I’m hoping that Youth Power will pull me out of my tw-drama slump.

I’m really liking the hopeful tone in their opening sequence, it ties in well with their story – to fight for a better future. Judging from the long trailer, it seems that there’ll be a love triangle between Tammy Chen, Jason Tsou and Yao Yuan-Hao.

I was surprised to see Jason Tsou’s character is seemingly more prominent than Yao Yuan-Hao in the trailer. Yao Yuan-Hao have several lead roles under his belt so I thought he would be the hero for this one when the cast lineup was first announced. But it seems that TVBS is trying to push Jason Tsou to lead man status through this drama. I prefer Jason Tsou anyways so I’m happy about this surprise.

Nana Lee also have several lead roles under her belt so I was surprised to see her playing second lead, but I guess Tammy Chen is considered a senior as compared to her, and this “villain” character might open up a new road for her and polish her acting skills. Based on the trailer, I would say that Nana Lee’s character is a lot more intriguing and 3-dimensional as compared to the hot-headed heroine.

TVBS seems ambitious for this production as it’s slated to be a 21 episode drama, which is longer than their usual drama length (TVBS dramas usually about 16 episodes), I think they’re trying to aim for the 50th Golden Bell Awards this year.

Youth Power is slated to premiere on May 1st, airing on every Friday nights on TTV and Saturday reruns on TVBS cable channel.

Long Trailer:

Brief Summary of the long trailer (not in order):
The story starts when the heroine, Chen Yi-Jun (Tammy Chen) was 11 years old, people gathered to protest against the government as they feel like they are not doing a good job. 11 years old Chen Yi-Jun narrates that her father told her that “Yesterday belongs to history but tomorrow is ours. People should leave important footprints for the future, for our descendants, for that, we have to work even harder.” Soon, the time jumps to when Chen Yi-Jun is 24 years old and she narrates, “I am Chen Yi-Jun, I have to keep on running until I can see a better world, it will change because of me.

The grown up Chen Yi-Jun doesn’t have any dreams or big aspirations to inherit her the political career her father runs but she’s always a girl full of energy and values justice. However, that change when her father fall ill and she have no other way but to run the election in replace of her father. In the process of election, she earned the assistance of her childhood friend, Jiang Ye-Qing (Yao Yuan Hao) and hot-blooded protester, Huang Zhao-Yuan (Jason Tsou).

Chen Yi-Jun’s election strategy is energetic, youthful and full of creativity as compared to other candidates’ traditional marketing strategies. However, the political road isn’t as easy as she first thought of as she have to face malice slanders made by her opponents and the distorted news reports against her.

One particular reporter, Sha Bing-Na (Nana Lee) seems to pretty antagonistic against Chen Yi-Jun in her news reports. Sha Bing-Na is Huang Zhao-Yuan’s ex-girlfriend. In the past, she was trapped in between naive aspirations and harsh reality as the only way she can be a reporter is to suck up to the dirty higher-ups. Her relationship with Huang Zhao-Yuan fell apart due to their clashing beliefs. In the end, she resorted to use underhanded means to gain news.

Chen Yi-Jun’s sweet childhood friend, Jiang Ye-Qing always have a crush on her and he is her biggest supporter. However, he seems to have a hard time confessing his love towards her, especially ever since Huang Zhao-Yuan appears. Thus, the trio will have a complicated love triangle.

Short Trailers & Teasers:

Opening Sequence: Wu Bai – Light and Passion (光和熱)

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