Jasper Liu Uglifies Himself for Upcoming SETTV Sunday Drama with Mandy Wei

With Someone Like You (聽見幸福) wrapping up in 2 weeks, SETTV is ready to unveil their new Sunday Drama, When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼),literal translation will be “The Second Look/Glance He Gives Her. The drama pairing is said to not attract each other on first glance but after many years, they realize that they’re the most suited for each other, thus the title “2nd Look”. Jasper Liu (Pleasantly Surprised) and Mandy Wei (Say Again Yes I Do) will be leading this drama, with Jet Chao (The New World), Ivy Wei (Fabulous 30) and Zooey Tseng (Pleasantly Surprised) as the supporting cast.

At first, I couldn’t really imagine Jasper Liu with Mandy Wei as she looks more mature and he’s more of the boyish type but I actually think they unexpectedly look pretty sweet together on these press images. I’m glad that they’re styling Jasper to look more mature for this drama. Mandy Wei is slowly becoming SETTV’s favorite Sunday girl as she’ve led Deja Vu (回到愛以前) and Say Again Yes I Do (再一次我願意). I do feel it’s a little bit too soon to see her in another Sunday drama again but I’m not complaining about this sweet pairing. I’ve not been following any SETTV dramas lately but I guess I’ll watch this for Jasper. I won’t be expecting fantastic quality from SETTV drama script but I’m just hoping that it’ll stay decent throughout the whole run and not go disappointing me like the second half of Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡一個人).

Jasper Liu’s character is described as an ugly duckling turns handsome guy as they’ll put on special makeup effects, such as pimples or making his mono eyelid look more “mono” to uglify him for his high school years. He’ll become a mature investment director and reunite with the heroine 10 years later. Mandy Wei was still sporting short hair looks from her previous drama just a week ago but she specially put on long-locks extension for her role. Her character is said to be a caring, independent woman and she’s bold against injustice. In the video interview, they mentioned that Jasper’s character is someone that’s easy to be bullied in the past so I’m guessing that they may be a reversed situation where the heroine saves the hero during their high school years, haha!

On a side note, Jasper Liu and Ivy Wei played as a cute high school couple in youth school drama, Confucius (智勝鮮師) when they first debuted and when he was still sporting his broccoli hairstyle. It’s a pity that they’re not a pair in this drama but I guess Mandy Wei will be a fresher choice and I’m satisfied with that. I also find their Kabedon press conference pictures extremely cute, I’m optimistic about this pair.

When I See You Again is slated to follow after Someone Like You and premiere on 31st May on TTV and reruns on 6th June on SETTV.

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