12 Min Long Trailer & Character Descriptions of When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼)

wheniseeyouagain (1)With just 1 day left till premiere, When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) have finally unveil their 12min long trailer on their premiere press meeting event earlier yesterday and I feel pretty mixed about it. It’s no secret that my bias is Jasper Liu but I’m extremely wary about SETTV’s drama quality, most of their recent Sunday dramas have been bad in my book (for the exception for Someone Like You as it’s considered pretty decent).

I don’t know to feel happy or not about the production team as it’s the same team of producer and writers who wrote Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡。一個人) – which was cute in the beginning but it slowly drained my patience in the second half after the whole kidnapping fiasco happened, even when they managed to pull back some of the cuteness in the end, it was a little bit too late.

With that said, I’m happy to see my boy slowly upgrading himself, shedding off his boyish image and going for a more mature look this time. Truthfully, it will take some time for me to get used to this 2.0 version of Jasper but I always welcome changes since he can’t forever be the “warm and cute guy” as he’s not THAT young anymore. I won’t lie, Jasper’s acting, especially his enunciation still have a lot of room for improvement but I like his screen presence and challenging different types of character is probably the fastest way for him to improve. As for Mandy Wei, I think she’s pretty decent based on the long trailer, she seems to do better in her emotional scenes and she’s so pretty in high school uniform.

I’m getting older SETTV drama vibes from the long trailer, the tone seems like a mix of Fated to Love You (命中注定我愛你) and Lucky Star (放羊的星星) and it makes sense since the script writer, Du Xin-Yi is the one who wrote Fated to Love You. SETTV seems to be going for the safe route this time and as long as they don’t pull out too much makjang, I’ll be a happy fangirl (I dropped my standards just for Jasper’s sake). The high school flashback is pretty sweet and Jasper fits that nerdy look perfectly, ha!

I’m heaving a sigh of relief since the trailer actually feels pretty alright, it could be worse you know…

Rounding off the cast will be Jet Chao, Ivy Shao, Deyn Lee, Tina Chou, Lawrence Liu, Sara Xiu and Zooey Tseng. In the premiere event, Mandy have nothing but praises for Jasper, she kept on praising his body proportion and joked that the cast members love “molesting” his body, even Jet Chao also said that it feels nice to touch his butt, (sounds so wrong), ha! Jasper also praised Mandy for looking very pretty in high school uniform as he always have a thing for girls in ponytail.

When I See You Again will premiere 31st May on TTV and reruns on SETTV on 6th May.  You guys can read the sypnosis and watch it on Dramafever or on Viki once it’s out.

PS: Check out the soompi discussion thread I created for the drama. I will be updating the thread with latest info and news. Join me for discussion!

I’ve translated character descriptions below (Scroll down to bottom!).

12min Trailer
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Character Description Translations

Jasper Liu as Xia You-Qian
28 Years Old, Ocean Private Equity Investment Director
wheniseeyouagainchar (1)
He’s good looking, have good taste in fashion style and he’s nicknamed as the A-list bachelor of the Finance industry. He’s known for his precise assessments about investments and in negotiations as he have a secret weapon – sharp senses that enables him to read the mind of others.

At the peak of his career, he returns to his hometown which he’ve never went back for the past 10 years just for his grandpa. It was the place that once traumatized him and he would never want to remember again. Unexpectedly, the first person that he sees once he returns to his hometown is An Xi. However, You-Qian can only see countless of “question marks” on An Xi, there aren’t any information related to her emotions and her unpredictable nature indirectly causes You-Qian to misunderstand her. Even though You-Qian always make things difficult for An Xi, he still can’t help but to rescue her in times of crisis. Slowly, You-Qian discovers that An Xi requires a “second look” to feel her warmth.

However, You-Qian can’t figure out why does his mind-reading ability malfunctions once he’s back in his hometown… It worked fine when he was in his company.

Mandy Wei as An Xi
28 years old, Owner of Moon Sea Hostel
wheniseeyouagainchar (2)
There are many types of girls in this world, An Xi is the type that look ordinary on first look but will appear more and more beautiful on a second look. Bright and bold, she sometimes gives off a boyish vibe, but as long as she’s willing to, she can immediately make herself as the most dazzling girl among the crowd… It’s just that there aren’t many times that she’s willing to…

Xia You-Qian who suddenly appears in the village is the most annoying person An Xi ever seen in her life. An Xi doesn’t understand, Xia You-Qian can be kind and gentle to others but why does he always deliberately make things difficult for her and finds fault in everything she does? It’s almost like she ever let him down before! However, as time goes by, after a second look, third look… An Xi discovers that this guy seems similar to a guy who she had known in the past and teasing him is actually pretty fun. But An Xi doesn’t know that he’s helping her with ulterior motive…

Jet Chao as Hu Yan-Ze
30 years old, Legal consultant of Private Equity
wheniseeyouagainchar (3)
He may seem gentle and polite on the outside, but he’s very calm and sharp like a falcon inside.

Yan-Ze follows his mother who got remarried with father’s boss and his younger sister, Hu Yong-Qing was born thereafter. His step-father dotes on his sister. Even though he treats him pretty well because of his mother, the sensitive Yan-Ze will always feel like an awkward outsider at home.

The only thing Yan-Ze is missing from his life is love. Yan-Ze doesn’t understand love and also don’t want to understand. He will always put on a perfect facade in front of his mother and his younger sister. It’s only until when he meets an innocent and simple girl, then his world starts to change.

Ivy Shao as Hu Yong-Qing
27 years old, Famous Beauty and Fashion Power Blogger
wheniseeyouagainchar (4)
She’s beautiful, elegant and tasteful, she also know all the things that a lady should learn. But under the humble and polite appearance, she’s actually assertive, independent and a wealthy young lady with strong character.

Yong-Qing is the precious daughter of her parents and she also have successful career woman, Zhou Zheng-Yue as her godmother. Even her only brother also dotes and cares a lot about her, she’s a girl showered with love and affections. She’s almost perfect on the outside and inside. Wealthy heirs view her as the perfect wife material. However, Yong-Qing’s views on love is sad and twisted. It’s only until when she meets You-Qian in college, his special aura made her decide to create him into her own version of ideal man…

Lawrence Liu as Zhang Ya-Lu
28 years old, Art teacher in Pu Lang Village
wheniseeyouagainchar (7)
He’s good looking and is also pretty smart but like An Xi, he also have a reason to stay put in Pu Lang Village. His parents left home, his younger sister also suffers from congenital long QT syndrome, in the cause of any unexpected events, it could lead to her fainting or sudden death. So, even though there were chances, he’ve never thought of leaving his hometown. Furthermore, the two person whom he love the most in his life are all in Pu Lang village so his heart stays there too.

Ya Lu’s goal in life is to protect An Xi and Ya-En and also help out at the hostel. As for his own feelings towards An Xi… Perhaps, keeping it hidden in his heart is the best way to protect An Xi.

Zooey Tseng as Zhang Ya-En
26 years old, Accountant and Receptionist of Moon Sea Hostel
wheniseeyouagainchar (8)
She’s sweet and gentle like water.

As she suffers from congenital long QT syndrome since young, she’s always protected by An Xi and her brother, Ya-Lu. Even though she also wants to run around freely like other ordinary people, she’s always well-behaved and stay put at a place where An Xi or her brother could see, a place where it’s convenient for them to take care of her, so that they won’t worry about her. An Xi and her brother are the most important people in her life.

Deyn Lee as Zhong Da-Yu
25 years old, You Qian’s special assistant
wheniseeyouagainchar (9)
Coming from a poor family, he could only rely on hard work. The only formal suit in his home is the bell pants suit that his father left him. His mother pawned off her bracelet in order to buy the very first suit in his life.

He bought the suit because Ocean’s chief executive, Zhou Zheng-Yue took notice of his obedient and diligent nature and hire him into Ocean private equity. However, the task assigned to him is neither about investment or handling the finances, it’s to become You-Qian’s special assistant.

Even though he thinks You-Qian can be a bit mean at times, he knows that he’s kind and honorable inside. Thus, he starts treating You-Qian as his own friend.

Vent Teng as Xia Bai-Kang
75 years old, Xia You-Qian’s grandfather
wheniseeyouagainchar (11)
When he was 55 years old, Xia Bai-Kang lost his professor son and his daughter-in-law in a tragic car accident, leaving only his precious grandson, You-Qian. Fortunately, he’s optimistic and cheerful so despite his old age, he takes on various odd jobs and also lives frugally in order to raise You-Qian.

You-Qian also never disappoints him, he always tops his examinations. Even though You-Qian doesn’t look that good when he was younger but so what? He’s a man with brains and guts! But in the end, his grandson also begin to fall in love. The old man never thought that You-Qian will go hiking on the mountain just for a girl!

Taking care of his grandson, You Qian’s feelings, Bai-Kang never went back to his hometown, Pu Lang village over the past 10 years. It was only after many things happened, then he went back to Pu Lang village and discovers that many things have changed. The only thing he gains is the kind girl, An Xi.

Debbie Chou as Zhou Zhi-Yue
52 years old, Chief Executive of Ocean Private Equity
wheniseeyouagainchar (12)
She’s smart, competent, strong, stubborn, strict in self-management and also very ambitious.

She have high goals. In order to succeed, she will never allow any weakness or ties that will bring her down in her life. She never thought of marriage or having a family but sometimes, when she sees a cute little girl, she can’t help but to stare at her. Zheng-Yue can see that Yong-Qian admires her a lot so she decides to train her into the ideal girl of her own.

She was entrusted on a task by to find a location in rural areas to build a factory by foreign investors. Thus, she’ve her eyes set on Pu Lang village. She orders her competent assistant, You-Qian to go for the task. On one hand, she really needs a competent person to handle this job and on the other hand, she also want to take this chance to make You-Qian go back to the countryside so that he’ll fully understand that she still holds the most power in the company.

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