Forensic Hakka Drama Sunset (落日) Drops Intriguing Trailers

Taiwanese producers are definitely stepping up their game! We’ve seen a slew of career-themed dramas starting from this year, earlier on we had Wake Up (麻醉風暴), Long Day’s Journey into Light (出境事務所), Ihero (鑑識英雄) and now, Hakka TV offers their brand new forensic crime procedural drama, Sunset (落日).

This easily became one of my most anticipated drama the moment I heard about the plot outline – a story adapted from the true criminal cases handled by the famed Taiwanese forensic investigator, Yang Ri-Song. While some may compare Sunset and Ihero as they’ve similar theme, I feel that Sunset may be more serious in tone and probably more edgy judging from these teasers.

While I do appreciate Ihero for taking the first step for Taiwanese crime procedural dramas, the writing is still pretty green, there weren’t enough “heart” or emotions delivered through their cases and everything feels a little bit too technical. Even though I do like their sleek cinematography, some aspects of the production clearly shows their lack of experience but I’m optimistic for their 2nd installment which will start filming end of this year. I’m hoping that they’ll repair their flaws and show improvement on their return.

Coming from a relatively small cable channel – Hakka TV (focuses on promoting shows in Hakka dialect language), the production fee for Sunset may not be as high as Ihero but I’m liking whatever I’m seeing so far. Furthermore, the improvement on their cinematography is significant as compared to the channel’s previous original drama – Long Day’s Journey into Light, which feels more like a small budget show to me.

The cast may be relatively unknown towards international audience but they’re all talented actors, most of them are known for their theatrical plays or movie roles, Zhu Lu-Hao (The New World), Shan Cheng-Jun (Zone Pro Site), Joanne Deng (Drunken to Love You), Vince Gao (Murphy’s Law of Love), Zhang Shu-Wei (Feng Shui Family) and Jackson Lou (In A Good Way).

Sunset will premiere on July 4th in Hakka TV. On the web platform, it’ll also be released on Line TV but unfortunately, there have been no words to confirm whether they’ll also put out the show on their Youtube channel like Long Day’s Journey into Light. Well, we can always find ways to bypass the geo-restriction on Line Tv :p


– This baby died twice. The corpse won’t lie and my job is to be a loyal translator.
– I really don’t understand, why do you have to be so merciful to those culprits and murderers? I even have go through great pain to find evidence for them.
– Right! No skull means no evidence!
– Sometimes, once you make a mistake, others won’t be able to believe you anymore.
– Is this a decision made by the director or insisted by you, the deputy director?
– This is a decision that fits with the public’s expectations.
– This is not a murder, it’s an accident.
– Wait up!
– What do you guys want?
– We want to open the coffin!
– Sometimes…silence is an accomplice of a crime.

– The more simple a murder seems, the more complex the truth is.
– Being a cop for a long time, there’ll always be some intuition.
– We have to find the evidence to prove our intuition are right.
– It’s a surprise to see Bo Sheng’s daughter to be this outstanding.
– This is not a murder, it’s an accident.
– Bai Chuan!
– This bullet is stucked inside the body. It was our negligence for not dissecting it in the past.
– Director Yang, this case is closed.
– Our work has never been closed.

(I won’t be translating this trailer as it’s pretty similar to the first trailer.)

Official Stills:
sunset2 sunset3 sunset4 sunset5 sunset6

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