Jason Tsou & River Huang as former boyband members in SETTV’s new pre-produced drama, Be With Me (舞吧舞吧在一起)

Starring Jason Tsou (Youth Power), Queen Wei (Rock Baby), River Huang (Boysitter), Figaro Tseng (Once Upon a Time in Beitou), Tang Zheng Gang (An Innocent Mistake) and Fabien Yang, Be With Me (舞吧舞吧在一起) will be one of the very few pre-produced drama from SETTV and also the first drama on their Sunday 10PM timeslot.

Be With Me tells the story of the fallen boyband, 爆跳小子 (Unofficial translation – Jump Kids), a boyband which used to be popular back in 2005 but disbanded due to love scandal between the leader, Kang Zheng-Ying (Jason Tsou) and the daughter of their manager, Yuan An-An (Queen Wei).

10 years after the disbandment, Kang Zheng-Ying became a successful entrepreneur, running a famous French Cuisine restaurant.Jiang Ze-Xuan (River Huang), one of the former members of Jump Kids has now became a superstar with the help of his former teammate – Allen (Fabien Yang) who has now became his manager.

As for the remaining former members of Jump Kids – Zhou Zi-Ting (Figaro Tseng) has now disappeared from the limelight, nowhere to be found, while Mike (Tang Zheng Gang) became a variety star that goes on talkshows. Mike is also the only former member that still keeps in touch with Kang Zheng-Ying.

10 years later, Kang Zheng-Ying and Yuan An-An crossed path once again as she returned to Taiwan to continue her father’s dream, trying to revive their family’s dance studio business.

Be With Me is a story about love regrets and misunderstood friendship that are resolved through the passage of time.

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I know you guys must be confused now to why did I say that this is their first Sunday 10pm drama. The reason is – SETTV’s past “Sunday” dramas (eg: When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼), Someone Like You (聽見幸福), Fated to Love You (命中注定我愛你), Defeated Queen (敗犬女王) or the currently-airing Bromance (愛上哥們) usually premiere first every Sunday on TTV (free-to-air channel), and reruns on Saturday on SETTV (cable channel).

It’s been their tradition for more than a decade since free-to-air channel TTV usually has higher rating and TTV’s Sunday slot is considered prime-time for weekly idol dramas. Fans usually refer these dramas as SETTV’s Sunday drama for convenient purposes (aka SETTV’s Sunday drama production).

But now, Be With Me came along and it will take over SETTV’s Sunday timeslot, so in other words, they’re the “real” SETTV Sunday drama. It’s confusing I know, especially when they’re putting their own dramas head-to-head in competition (Sunday 10pm – Bromance on TTV, Be With Me on SETTV). That’s extremely experimental.

However, Be With Me won’t be much of a threat to Bromance since they’ll air first on the web – LINE TV (legal streaming site) on every Wednesday and on cable channel – Videoland (緯來戲劇台) on every Saturday. So they’ll only do reruns on SETTV Sunday 10pm.

My long-winded explanation might be confusing you guys but anyways, just know that Be With Me is one of the very few pre-produced SETTV drama. I heard about this drama since July when they first started filming but I wasn’t sure whether it’s considered an SETTV production since they hardly pre-produce idol dramas. As far as I know, Autumn Concerto (下一站幸福) was 4 months into filming when they first premiere on TV, so that’s considered a semi pre-produced drama.


More than anything, I’m surprised to the cast choices because Queen Wei is more known as a singer and also known to be the younger sister of Waa Wei (魏如萱) (one of my favourite indie singers). To be fair, she was the lead of a 5-ep mini drama, Rock Baby (搖滾保姆) in 2010 and in between, a few experiences in the movies. But I never thought SETTV will pick her as their leading lady.

This is probably also the first time Jason Tsou and River Huang stars in SETTV drama and I’m totally thankful to SETTV for getting rid of River Huang’s long hair, I much prefer him with shorter hair.

Another thing to note about is that the other actors playing the former boyband members are also former Taiwanese boyband members in real life! Figaro Tseng (former member of Comicboyz 可米小子 (Kingone Wang was also in this band)), Tang Zheng Gang (former member of dance group Energy (Kun Da was also in this group)) and Fabien Yang is a former member of idol group Lollipop. They can do a lot of meta-referencing in this drama, LOL!

I have long heard about this drama ever since they started filming in July but now I’m SUPER DUPER excited about the snippets I saw on their Ending theme song MV.

It successfully pulled me out of my laziness to write lengthy blog post. I’m still an avid drama watcher but I just don’t blog, I tweet a lot instead, ha! You’ll be spammed by me if you follow me on twitter.

Everyone else on Taiwanese drama sphere is excited about Bromance (愛上哥們) and Marry Me or Not (必娶女人) but I’m more interested in this Sunday drama. I’m still a bit wary since this is a SETTV production but at least, it’s more assuring to know that this is pre-produced. Don’t disappoint me please!

Be With Me premieres December 9th, every Wednesday on LINE TV (legal streaming website);  December 12th, every Saturday 9PM on Videoland (緯來戲劇台). Reruns starting December 13th, every Sunday 10PM on SETTV.

Facebook Page | LINE TV Page (Require Taiwan VPN server to access)

Ending Theme MV: 我們沒有再見 (We don’t have goodbyes) – Queen Wei (魏如昀)

I love Queen Wei’s voice, her voice actually resembles her sister’s voice a little and this is just such a nice song!


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