12 Min Long Trailer & Character Descriptions of When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼)

With just 1 day left till premiere, When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) have finally unveil their 12min long trailer on their premiere…

Long Day’s Journey Into Light (出境事務所) Releases Heartwarming Long Trailer

Death can be such a sad and serious topic but Long Day’s Journey into Light (出境事務所) seems to be exploring the topic in a…

High Budget Crime Procedural Drama iHero (鑑識英雄) Confirms April Airdate

April will probably be my favorite month for this year as 2 of my highly anticipated…

Danson Tang and Lee Jia Ying Pairs Up for Upcoming SETTV Friday Drama

First teaser video is out for SETTV's upcoming Friday drama, Murphy (莫非,這就是愛情?) which is slated to follow after Aim High (22k夢想高飛). Danson Tang (Fabulous 30) and

Action-Romance Drama The New World (新世界) Unveils 30min trailer

Upcoming Action-romance drama, The New World (新世界) unveils their 30min trailer in their recent screening press conference with most of the cast, Mini Tsai (Lucky

Someone Like You Releases Beautiful 30sec Story Trailer & Portable Booth Box

SETTV just keeps churning out beautiful promotional items for upcoming Sunday drama, Someone Like You (聽見幸福)…

Sonia Sui is Gorgeous for Upcoming Friday Drama Mr. Right Wanted

I'm not dead yet... just super lazy to write up articles even though I've been constantly following the entertainment news updates. GTV's upcoming Friday Drama,

Cheryl Yang Ties the Knot with SETTV New Daily Drama 媽咪的男朋友

Cuteeeeeeee teasers!!!!! My queen is back, playing with the pun of Cheryl Yang's biggest hit My Queen or also known as Defeated Queen (敗犬女王). Tie The

First look at Puff Kuo & Jasper Liu’s Love Myself or You (喜歡. 一個人)

With SETTV's current friday drama In A Good Way (我的自由年代) coming to its grand closure this Friday, the countdown towards the premiere of Love Myself or

Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路 Ep9 Video Preview Translations

Seems like this will be the start of the battle between Wei-Zhen and Jia-Xin for the "queen of diva" title and maybe for Shu-Yu's heart...

Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路 Ep8 Video Preview Translations

Even though I know that the "like" Shu-Yu means is different from what Wei-Zhen is starting to feel for him, I can't help to feel