News Bites: January 11th, 2015

Sorry for the delay for news bites as real life has been eating me up lately, plus there were not enough interesting news to compile

News Bites: December 29nd, 2014

The cast of upcoming Taiwanese drama, Heart of Steel (鋼鐵之心) held a screening event on 26th of December. In the drama, Alan Ko will be playing as an aspiring motorbike racer and will win the hearts…

News Bites: December 22nd, 2014

The voters have voiced out their opinion and the result is 50-50 between Bimonthly and weekly schedule, that means that a handful of people still supports the weekly format. So I’ve come to a conclusion, I’ll keep the weekly…

Eye-candies Galore in SETTV’s 2014 Drama Awards Ceremony

Everyone knows that SETTV’s dramas are not of the best quality (as most of them tend to go haywire in the second half) but you can always count on them to deliver good looking leads…

9 Taiwanese Stars to Collaborate with Fashion Designers for Charity

To commemorate the 9-years anniversary of the Taiwanese weekly publication, Weekender (自由時報生活版), 9 Taiwanese stars collaborate with local fashion designers to donate…

Aaron Yan’s New SETTV Sunday Drama Releases Concept Teasers

What an odd pairing, I still can't imagine them as a couple even though the concept teasers are out. Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我)

Aaron Yan to lead drama following Deja Vu with Tia Lee rumored as the leading lady

Well, well, well... What an unexpected pairing! SETTV latest sunday drama Fall in love with