2014 Year-end Asian Drama Reviews (with Dramapot, Shikidrama, Mydramatea)

For this year’s drama review, I decided to shake things up for a bit and invite guest bloggers to write their own perspectives on the dramas they’ve watch…

Current Status: Taiwanese Drama Slump – Dramas that I Dropped or Kept On-Hold

Yes.... I have come to the dreaded tw-drama slump, which explains why my blog have been pretty quiet over the past 2-3 weeks and I

[HD download links] Apple in Your Eye 妹妹 RAW [13EP@720p (END)]

Note: These raw videos are downloaded from IQiyi and the HD version only come out on one day after the broadcast

Apple in Your Eye’s Press Conference & The release of 37min heart-rending trailer

Gosh, the 37-min trailer totally nails it, it's successful in evoking strong emotions from me and further heighten my expectations. Just 2 days from its premiere,

Information on Blue Lan & Amber An’s Latest Drama, Apple in Your Eye (妹妹)

I need this in my life! I want to title this drama as Mag Hsu's (In Time With You, An Innocent Mistake, Mars, Story of