News Bites: March 15th, 2015

Roy Qiu will be reuniting with his Office Girls co-star, Alice Ke for ETTV’s upcoming drama, Marry me, or not? (必娶女人). Roy Qiu will play as divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love or marriage. Alice Ke’s character is described as a strong-willed modern woman that’s…

News Bites: March 8th, 2015

Please pardon me for the late article. I was pretty lazy to write up a lengthy news article and so, I decided to hold off News Bites until there’s enough interesting drama casting news to be reported.

Biker-Themed Drama, Heart of Steel (鋼鐵之心) Unveils First Promos

Starring Alan Ko, Phoebe Yuan, Darren and Andrea Chen, bike racing drama, Heart of Steel (鋼鐵之心) unveils their first set of teasers and stills. My initial reaction was that…

News Bites: December 22nd, 2014

The voters have voiced out their opinion and the result is 50-50 between Bimonthly and weekly schedule, that means that a handful of people still supports the weekly format. So I’ve come to a conclusion, I’ll keep the weekly…

Detailed List of Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas in 2015

As we’ve come to the last month of year 2014, it’s time to compile a list of the upcoming Taiwanese dramas. I’ll exclude Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) and My Precious Four Daughters (我的寶貝四千金) in the list as they will be airing on…

[HD download links] Fabulous 30 女人30情定水舞間 RAW [76Ep@1080p]

I've uploaded these files quite a while ago but was too lazy to write a post, hence the delays.

Lazy Updates: (Apr 2014, Week 4) Brief Thoughts on Dramas and Variety shows

I'm lazy, I admit but I'm always a hardworking girl when it comes to watching dramas and variety shows, heh! I watch quite a diverse

Fabulous 30 (女人30 情定水舞間) Releases Stylish Concept Teaser + Stills

SETTV certainly knows how to tease their audience, they have a great marketing team that are able to create eye-catching teasers and there's no end

NEWS: Updates on Fabulous 30 With Danson Tang Added To The Cast + Press Conference

With the addition of Danson Tang, my interest in SETTV's new daily drama, Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) just spiked up! I was already interested in the premise

NEWS: Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas In 2014

2013 had been a pretty great year for tw-dramas as there are some hidden gems and more variety in terms of drama selections. I gotta