[HD download links] Youth Power 哇!陳怡君 RAW [21Ep@720p (END)]

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20min Long trailer of Political-Romance Drama, Youth Power (哇!陳怡君)

Previously known as Rose Battle or I Am Chen Yi-Jun have confirmed their official English title to Youth Power (哇!陳怡君). Starring Tammy Chen (Dragon Gate), Jason Tsou…

News Bites: March 8th, 2015

Please pardon me for the late article. I was pretty lazy to write up a lengthy news article and so, I decided to hold off News Bites until there’s enough interesting drama casting news to be reported.

News Bites: January 11th, 2015

Sorry for the delay for news bites as real life has been eating me up lately, plus there were not enough interesting news to compile

Detailed List of Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas in 2015

As we’ve come to the last month of year 2014, it’s time to compile a list of the upcoming Taiwanese dramas. I’ll exclude Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) and My Precious Four Daughters (我的寶貝四千金) in the list as they will be airing on…